Judge: West New York BOE Pres. Parkinson rightful winner in election


A judge ruled yesterday that West New York Board of Education President Adam Parkinson was the rightful third place finisher in the November 8 election, defeating fourth place finisher Alex Navas by just two votes. Adam Parkinson

By John Heinis/Hudson County View

Navas, who had his challenge heard in front of Hudson County Superior Court Judge Peter Bariso yesterday morning, remained in high spirits despite the heartbreaking finish.

“I’m really happy, I’m excited for the future,” Navas said over the phone yesterday. “It was a great experience.”

“We learned the process, the judge didn’t allow me to bring other votes or amend the petition,” he further explained, also praising Bariso’s professionalism and handling of the case.

Two weeks after the election, the Hudson County Board of Elections determined that Parkinson bested Navas by just five votes: 2,643 to 2,638.

After the court challenge, Navas increased his total slightly to 2,641 – still three short of getting a spot on the board.

“I am content with how the hearing went and Judge Bariso’s ruling was fair. I am looking forward to continuing my service to our incredible school district as a board trustee for the next three years,” Parkinson stated via text message.

Earlier this month, Parkinson was reappointed president of the board, the second consecutive year he will serve in the post.

Editor’s Note: Parkinson also said that “these opinions are solely my own and are not the opinions of the West New York Board of Education, its Trustees or any employees or contractors.

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