Jersey City’s veteran-owned bar Pint raises $10k for the Ukrainian military, pledges more


Jersey City’s veteran-owned bar Pint raised $10,000 for the Ukrainian military, pledging to match that total in the near future.

Pint Assistant Manager Max Rojas (left) and Pint Co-Owner Tommy Demaio. Photo courtesy of Pint.

By John Heinis/Hudson County View

The local business created special t-shirts, donated profits, and matched customer donations dollar for dollar to reach the $10,000 goal, which Navy veteran and co-owner Wolf Sterling says they will do again.

“It’s one thing to say you support Ukraine, we felt we needed to demonstrate our tangible support. This money has been sent directly to Ukraine’s military to buy the bullets and body armor needed to defeat Russia,” Sterling said in a statement.

Pint is Jersey City’s oldest continuously operating bar. First opened in 1911, the bar has served Jersey City for nearly 111 years – although with different names and owners.

Sterling purchased the bar in 2009 and operates it with his business partner Tommy Demaio.

“We’re a neighborhood bar. This isn’t just us – it’s also the amazing, diverse Jersey City neighborhood we serve that came out to support this fundraising,” Demaio added.

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