Jersey City Ward E council candidate Hudnut reveals environmental sustainability plan


Jersey City Ward E council candidate Jake Hudnut, also the city’s chief municipal prosecutor, has revealed his environmental sustainability plan which calls for converting resilient streetscape into resilient assets, among other initiatives.

Jersey City Chief Municipal Prosecutor and Ward E council candidate Jake Hudnut.

By John Heinis/Hudson County View

“Jersey City needs a more aggressive approach to bringing proven stormwater and flood mitigation technologies to the city’s zoning and planning offices,” Hudnut said in a statement.

“My plan calls for vigilance in ensuring that major construction includes stormwater capture technologies and other green infrastructure. Not only is it the right thing to do to ensure our longevity, but it will save the city millions in costly repairs to our aging water infrastructure.”

His plan calls for combining increased tree canopy with other green infrastructure technologies, such as rain gardens, bioswales and porous pavements, to reduce climate related flooding risk and extreme heat conditions while increasing mental and respiratory health benefits.

“It is encouraging to see Prosecutor Hudnut step up the focus on municipal action for sustainability and climate risk reduction policies. Jersey City residents and local businesses will benefit from leadership that is willing to take informed action now,” added Founder and Director of Sustainable JC Debra Italiano.

Hudnut points out that are dozens of areas where New York City’s Green Streets Initiative-style can successfully and innovatively rethink the way we interact with lesser-used rights of way, bike lanes, intersections, neglected street corners and already existing impervious space.

All of these can be designed with stormwater capture and flood mitigation systems, can offer public seating and small play spaces as a safe, green respite, and be located near key transit and commercial centers.

In 2019, the Jersey City Prosecutor’s Office investigated and prosecuted polluters, handing two local recycling companies with 65 charges related to public safety hazards.

Hudnut is running on Mayor Steven Fulop’s ticket in the November 2nd municipal elections, where he’s seeking to unseat incumbent James Solomon.

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  1. What a shame that the Fulop development squad has allowed massive development to take place in Jersey City without demanding builders put I n place the basic infrastructure measures to help prevent flooding.

  2. How about “ impact fees” that take into consideration the heavy machinery??!! Impact fees, for the detours, which “ impact” the lives of already tax paying residents. Impact fees, for the adverse affect of pollutants, which can lead to cardio vascular disease. Impact fees!