Jersey City Ward C council challenger Bing talks trash collection overhaul, restricting helicopter travel


Jersey City Ward C council challenger Kevin Bing is discussing trash collection overhaul and restricting helicopter travel as part of his quality of life plan.

Jersey City Ward C council candidate Kevin Bing. Instagram photo.

By John Heinis/Hudson County View

“While our plan seeks to address some of the major concerns we’ve heard residents give about Jersey City’s quality of life, these proposals are only half the story,” he said in a statement.

“I want voters in Ward C to know that they have a Councilperson who will respond to their phone calls and be there when they have a problem that needs to be addressed. If elected, my office will represent every constituent equally, not just those who agree with me or supported me in the election.”

For starters, Bing calls for repaving streets, smoothing our sidewalks, rebuilding the city’s tree canopy, and expanding park space.

From there, he calls for more trash and recycling bins, along with dog waste stations. He also suggests a containerized waste collection system to prevent bags from breaking and trash rolling into the street.

“I will advocate for rolling out a containerized waste collection system rather than leaving bags on the street and studying dividing our city up into smaller contracts to attract more bidders and competition. With this comprehensive approach, trash is not doomed to pour out into the streets and into our waterways from a tear in a bag,” Bing explained.

In September, the city council approved a resolution supporting a third-party audit to decide if trash and recycling services should be brought in-house.

As far as non-emergency helicopter flights, which have plagued the area in recent years and led to the formation of the Stop the Chop group, Bing pledges to work with county and federal legislators to eventually stop these flights.

“As council person, I will refuse to open any helipads, work with the county administration to restrict helipads in other parts of Hudson county, and lobby our federal representatives to pass legislation banning all non-emergency helicopter flights over Jersey City,” he said.

Bing is competing in the non-partisan December 7th runoff against Ward C Councilman Rich Boggiano, who is endorsed by Mayor Steven Fulop.

Fulop’s team won six of the eight council seats decided on November 2nd, losing in Wards E and F and coming out victorious everywhere else.

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  1. Bing will next ban trash bins along with pedestrians, driveways, parking, little old ladies, and anyone with little kids to make room for the almighty bicycle. What a joke lol