Jersey City Together, NJ housing advocacy group, back approving Airbnb referendum


Jersey City Together and a statewide housing group, the Housing and Community Development Network of New Jersey, are adding their names to the list of groups urging voters to approve the local Airbnb referendum.

By John Heinis/Hudson County View

“With 40% of families in housing stress, we have to act on every level. When thousands of housing units are artificially taken off the market through short-term rentals, this has a direct impact on affordability as well,” Jersey City Together said in a statement.

“Smart regulations — like those that prevent rent-controlled units from being used as short term rentals — must be part of the solution. Jersey City Together recommend a ‘yes’ vote on Jersey City Municipal Question No. 1.”

HCDNNJ used a similar rationale, noting in a separate statement that the ordinance approved by the city council in June “can help make homes more affordable by setting fair rules and keeping apartments available to renters who work and live in the City.”

The two entities join a the majority of the local police and fire safety unions, along with the Jersey City Education Association, in supporting the referendum.

The Keep Our Homes campaign, who has the backing of a North Jersey-based carpenters union that backed Mayor Steven Fulop for re-election in 2017, opposes the referendum and has made it clear that no number of endorsements will change their line of thinking.

“In 2015, Jersey City welcomed home sharing and encouraged residents to participate in this economic opportunity. Homeowners and renters alike took elected officials at their word,” said their spokesman, Graeme Zielinski.

“They followed the regulations and played by the rules, but now the City Council is ripping the rug out from under them. This ban would be financially devastating for families throughout the community and would force many to leave the city entirely. Vote for economic opportunity on Election Day – VOTE NO on Municipal Question 1.”

Jersey City voters will decide on the municipal question on November 5th.

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  1. Y’all remember “Don’t tread on me!” slogan? It was against government telling you what you cannot do. That’s what this vote is. Vote NO and tell the city they should have limited foreign investment and stuck to >6 units to call an illegal hotel and let the rest of us do what we want to!

  2. Airbnb is what is helping tenents KEEP their market-rate apartments, not driving us out of the neighborhood. Gentrification is driving us out of the neighborhood as landlords raise rents to brooklyn prices. How about a rent freeze? or more rent stabilization legislation for privately owned two-family homes that a lot of people live in? This legislation says that only OWNERS can use Airbnb and then only for 60 days in the year. that’s crazy. If you want to stop people from buying houses and airbnb them, then limit the OWNERS from using airbnb and NOT the TENANTS! VOTE NO. This legislation does NOT help the neighborhood, it only helps the HOTEL INDUSTRY lobby. Limit developers, owners access to airbnb, NOT TENANTS.