Jersey City PD suspended 12 cops in 2023, 1 gave up job after domestic assault


The Jersey City Police Department suspended 12 officers in 2023, including one who resigned after pleading guilty to a domestic assault, with two others resigning to avoid discipline.

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By John Heinis/Hudson County View

“On 9/9/2022, JCPD conducted a random drug urinalysis. Officer Noah Dunam was one of the participants. On 9/16/2022, Officer Dunham was tested. On 1/6/2023, the test results were received from the State Toxicology lab,” the department’s annual major discipline report says.

“P.O. Dunham tested positive for a controlled dangerous substance and was suspended from duty without pay. P.O. Dunham retired on 5/1/23 prior to disciplinary action being imposed.”

The other cop who voluntarily left the force was Police Officer Sean Gibney, who was caught lying about his whereabouts while on sick leave.

“On 5/28/2023, P.O. Sean Gibney was out of work on paid sick leave and found to be in violation of the JCPD Sick policy. P.O. Gibney was not at home and stated he left his home to run errands,” the description of the incident says.

“P.O. Gibney was untruthful several times during the Internal Affairs investigation about his location and was found to be in Massachusetts while out on paid sick leave. P.O. Gibney resigned from the JCPD on 6/2/2023, prior to disciplinary action being imposed.”

Police Officer Anthony Arroyo received a 46-day suspension after being charged with domestic violence and aggravated assault, later forfeiting his employment after pleading guilty on March 20th, 2023.

The largest suspension issued (180 days) was for Officer Edwin Hernandez, who struck a man with a police cruiser while on duty back on February 8th, 2022, a matter that initially got him fired, but he was reinstated on appeal.

The Jersey City Council is expected to vote on a $3 million settlement next week after it was postponed earlier this month.

Furthermore, Police Officers Jonathan Colon and Brandon McWayne were each suspended for 120 days: the former for smashing someone’s car with a brick after a personal dispute and the latter for inadvertently firing his weapon during a traffic stop (no one was injured) and also for causing a crash.

Det. Dejon Morris, a board of education trustee, was suspended for 90 days in November, and while he apologized, he said he still planned to serve in his elected post, as HCV first reported.

For the first time, the major discipline report sheds some light on the details of what the suspension was for.

“On 2/19/2022, Det. Dejon Morris neglected his official duties by failing to secure video evidence of a crime involving a stabbing,” the incident description says.

“He failed to notify his supervisor of evidence requiring collection and failed to transport the victim of a crime. Det. Morris also spoke in a discourteous ,arrogant and condescending manner to the complainants.”

Officer Malcolm Eddington also received a 90-day suspension for two reasons: for failing to properly identify himself as an officer when calling in a dispute/assault and for failing to intervene when a family member committed an assault.

Additionally, Police Officers Leandro Rodriguez and George Rodriguez were both suspended for 20 days for markedly different reasons.

“On 4/3/2022 P.O. Leandro Rodriguez failed to exercise caution when he armed himself with a firearm during a dispute and threatened to harm himself. His actions are not consistent with the values and expected behavior of the standards this department sets for it’s members,” his incident description says.

“On 7/29/2020 P.O. George Rodriguez was arrested in Franklin Township NJ for suspicion of driving under the influence. On 5/25/2022, P.O. G. Rodriguez pled guilty in Franklin Municipal Court to driving under the influence,” the annual major discipline report says.

On the lower tier of suspensions, Police Officers Bria Eatman and Phat Ly were suspended 10 days each for having more than “five or more illnesses” in a calendar year, while Police Officer Satyam Gosai was suspended five days for admitting to slapping someone across the face in the midst of a verbal dispute.

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