Jersey City NAACP, including president, berated at Morticians That Care rally


Tensions were high at a rally in front of Jersey City City Hall hosted by the Newark-based Morticians That Care group, addressing black youth dying from violent crime.
Emotions ran high at the rally, and tensions flared between the NAACP and members of the crowd over the shooting death of a black 20-year-old male by a Jersey City police officer.

Tyrone Muhammed, of Morticians That Care, chastised the Jersey City NAACP and branch president William Braker for multiple issues, including who would pay for the funeral costs of the young man killed by a Jersey City police officer.

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  1. This was so disrespectful. According to the ad that was in the Jersey Journal the rally was put together by the NAACP and the Urban League. If anything is going to be accomplished everyone has to work together. Things are the way they are now because we don't. SMDH…I bet the NAACP wishes they would've never invited this dude….a mess.