Jersey City firefighters deliver baby, revive mother after she falls unconscious


Jersey City firefighters not only delivered a baby on a few moments notice, but also revived the new mother after she fell unconscious moments after giving birth. 

By John Heinis/Hudson County View

Back on February 8th, Jersey City Fire Capt. Kevin Child, along with firefighters Ronnie Cutler and Michael Sheehan, responded to a report of a woman in labor at an address on Ege Avenue, according to a copy of the incident report.

Upon entering, Child found the pregnant woman on a mattress on the floor with the baby’s head crowning, prompting him to notify dispatch that she would b giving birth any minute, the report says.

Child and Cutler focused on delivering the baby while Sheehan went to retrieve medical equipment, later making sure the baby appeared healthy and covered the baby with a sweatshirt.

Emergency Medical Services arrived moments later to cut the umbilical cord and the mother became unresponsive moments later, officials said.

After Cutler administered CPR, the woman awakened and the three firefighters assisted EMS in loading the new mother onto a gurney so she could be transported to the hospital.

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