Jersey City Council tables measure to merge JCIA with city’s DPW


The Jersey City Council tabled a measure to merge the Jersey City Incinerator Authority with the city’s Department of Public Works last night, citing that the matter is still awaiting approval from the state.


By John Heinis/Hudson County View

Council President Rolando Lavarro said the measure was tabled last night by a 7-2 vote, with Councilmen Rich Boggiano and Michael Yun voting no in hopes of getting the merger over with.

He stated that the matter needs approval from the state’s Local Finance Board, a subdivision of the Department of Community Affairs, and any questions on the particulars of the process should be directed to City Business Administrator Robert Kakoleski, who did not immediately return a call to his office this morning.

As expected, Oren Dabney saw the JCIA board accept his retirement as CEO of the agency at a special meeting on Monday, with Hudson County Democratic Organization Executive Director John Minella getting pegged as his replacement.

Some residents and JCIA employees were less than thrilled with the decision, claiming that Dabney was “forced out” due to “racism.”

During the public portion of the meeting, some workers also expressed extreme concern with what will happen to their jobs if the JCIA becomes part of the city’s DPW, with one employee exclaiming “I may kill someone or someone may kill me” if he loses his job and is forced back to the streets.

The JCIA is one of the few Jersey City entities that allows individuals with a criminal record a chance to work. At least a few employees fear they would be terminated if a JCIA/DPW merger is approved, since city hall would not hire anyone with prior arrests.

According to the state Department of Community Affairs official website, the Local Finance Board’s next meeting is scheduled for September 9.

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  1. I hope those idiots that spoke about racism don’t get rehired. Who the hell wants those nuts working for the City, County whatever. “Racism, I’ll go back to the streets”. That’s your problem. You don’t have to. This been on the agenda for a while and the State can’t handle this by now? Sounds like a excuse for some reason but then again nobody that works for the State knows what the hell there doing or works very fast.