North Bergen resident screams at officials for stricter jitney bus regulations


Vincent Inga, a North Bergen resident who pleaded for stricter jitney bus regulations at a board of commissioners meeting last month, reiterated his stance at this morning’s meeting as he screamed for a stronger police presence on Bergenline Avenue. 


“Mayor (slams hand on podium), this is directly at you. No offense, I brought to you an issue that I was almost {claps hands} crushed to death on 68th Street and Bergenline Avenue. Two years ago. [District 8 Freeholder Anthony} Vainieri, if he’s here, would’ve picked me up with a shovel,” he said to laughter from the crowd.

In addition to being the North Bergen freeholder, Vainieri also owns and operates the Vainieri Funeral Home on 59th Street and John F. Kennedy Boulevard.

After Inga insisted that Mayor Nick Sacco, also the state Senator of the 32nd Legislative District, has “done nothing” to regulate commuter vans since the death of eight-month old Angelie Paredes in July 2013, he spoke over Sacco and Police Chief Robert Dowd as they tried to respond.

“49th Street! 60th Street! Slow the vans down!” he shouted.

“We need a grant, a special grant, that you, as a state Senator, and [District 33 state Senator] Stack, and Congressman [Albio] Sires, and this U.S. Senator {Bob Menendez] could put on the table! We need a grant for special traffic to get 40 officers here!”

“A special force, to stand on Bergenline Avenue: here’s 49th Street and 60th [Street] and 68th [Street] (pointing to a chart), officer, officer, officer: slow down, 25 miles per hours. No passing! It’s a one-way street. We gotta enforce it!

The dialogue continued for just over five minutes, with Inga walking briefly walking onto the dais at one point, with Dowd defending the traffic initiatives the department has implement recently – urging the neighboring municipalities to do the same.

Three weeks ago, the state Attorney General’s Office announced that 17 commuter bus owners had been cited for violating Angelie’s Law, 13 of which were based on Hudson County (and four in North Bergen).

The law was made to ensure that jitney bus drivers have commercial driver’s license (CDL), do not exceed 40 passengers at a time and to display a phone number to contact the state Department of Community Affairs over service complaints, among other safety, among other regulations.


  1. This senile idiot (take the ***damn look at me I’m a vet hat off) claiming nothing was done since that kids death. BS!! A special grant get 40 traffic officers? Sit down you fool!

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