Jersey City Council Pres. Lavarro, Muslim residents, decry Trump’s 9/11 remarks


Jersey City Council President Rolando Lavarro, along with two Muslim city residents, decried Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump’s claims that “thousands” cheered in Jersey City in the immediate aftermath of the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks. 


“I just want to condemn the remarks made by Donald Trump about the City of Jersey City, that were thousands of people who were cheering on 9/11,” Lavarro said to some light applause during last night’s meeting.

“But, that is the farthest thing from the truth. Here in Jersey City where we were an extension of the trioche relief efforts that were going on to assist the victims of 9/11.”

“And I can assure you that the people here in Jersey City mounted, as did our nation, on that day and that Muslims, Christians, Jewish and other faiths of, all here in Jersey City – living here at that time – we’re all shocked and in mourning.”

Mayor Steven Fulop went after Trump over the weekend for the same reason, exclaiming that Trump was “shamefully politicizing” the 9/11 attacks.

Jessica Berrocal Abdelnabbi, a Muslim Jersey City resident, said that in light of Trump’s comments, she was harassed by a  man at a laundromat – who called her “a terrorist.”

“I’m actually standing here a little bit nervous. I started thinking about it and the negativity that was built in his head because of the stereotyping around the world. And the GOP statements added racism, bias and the bigotry that’s happening … that the people of Jersey City cheered during 9/11.”

Essma Bengabsia, another Muslim Jersey City resident, gave a heartfelt speech on the struggles her community is facing on a day to day basis, as well as why she considers herself just as American as anyone else.

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  1. as a resident of jersey city and proud to be one who lived and living in the lovely city ,since I came here I never felt as an outsider or faced any discrimination of any kind, I feel like I was born here .the people of jersey city were crying and still suffering from the tragedy of that single person in jersey or in NYC I knew had a different feeling ,thousands of jersey city residents who were working in down town Manhattan lost their loved ones, friends and their jobs.we lost the WTC best view from Hudson river ,every single day we remember that day we never forgot Tuesday September 11 .that day I called my parents back home and told them that the WTC just got hit and collapsed and people had died ,they were very very sad ,my mother said I just told your brother to call you because yesterday I had bad father insisted to stay away from trouble and bad people .I was working in down town jersey city and all people their crying and confused .the WTC was the main source of income for many jersey city residents ,many taxi driver lost their income .many worked at financial district lost their high paying jobs .many fire fighters ,police,medical staff from jersey rushed to ground zero to help….MR trump you have money but you are not politician ,even if you believed that we were cheering you should not have mentioned it at all .
    politician should win the heart of people .
    trump owes big apology to jersey city .
    the reason jet bush should be elected even his brother rushed to war is because Bush familly had a real and long relationship with muslim leaders and they know very well how to negotiate with muslim governments .Clinton famillly too have a long history with the midle east .
    my question to Mr trump,how long is gonna take to build the wall? how much money would build thät wall? is that wall will keep us safe?who is going to replace the illegal immigrants to do the same work they do?who is going to clean up your boiler for 100$?who is going to do dishwasher for 5$/hour?
    don’t you see the wall as a symbol of isolation ? don’t you know isolation is a civilisation dead end?
    what about the wall of law and regulation instead of concrete wall?
    god bless america .