Jersey City BOE worker screams at Muslim woman to ‘go back to your f***ing country’


In a vulgar rant caught on video, an unidentified employee of the Jersey City Board of Education told someone she was having a dispute with, a woman of Muslim faith, to “go back to your f***ing country,” a school official told HCV.

“She ridiculous, her retarded self,” a woman with dark hair said as an unidentified woman was recording her on her cell phone camera.

“Anything else?,” the woman recording asked.

“Yeah, you’re retarded, you can’t say nothing about that – there’s no crime [in] talking.”

The woman being recorded was obviously irate, apparently over the fact that her car was blocking someone into a driveway. Based on the 41-second video obtained by HCV, things escalated quickly.

” … Somebody blocking the thing, I said sorry, and she’s still complaining. What type of s*** is that? Go back to your f***ing country! Go back to your f***ing country, b****! … I said and I’m sorry and she’s still got her f***ing camera out!”

“I’m from the f***ing school, dumbass!,” the woman shouts again, telling the person recording to go back to their f***ing country another two times before leaving.

While the woman recording the video cannot be seen and does not say her name, Jersey City Board of Education President Sudhan Thomas said she is a person of Muslim faith.

He added that the incident occurred on the morning of Wednesday, March 13th (he could not confirm where) and is under investigation, also noting that the woman has still not been identified by the school district.

” There is absolutely no place for hate of any kind and we will not tolerate words or actions insinuating terrorism in the JCBOE/JCPS ecosystem,” he said.

“The District administration is reviewing the video footage to determine the identity of this person to understand if this is an employee, a part-timer and or other wise who verbally terrorized a Muslim citizen of Jersey City. The Board will take necessary actions consistent with policy and refer to law enforcement accordingly.”

The video began quietly making the rounds among school officials and employees on Friday, sources said, just hours after it was reported that 49 Muslim worshippers were shot and killed by a terrorist in New Zealand (the death tally has since risen to 50).


Editor’s Note: After this story was published, Tanya Parker, the woman in the video, said the incident took place on either “February 14th or 15th,” as opposed to March 13th. 

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  1. Well I hope the city office dissent have any ownership ties with the FOX network… This cursing woman who chose to open up and share her disdain for this Muslim woman —– will certainly be out of a job. Imo, she doesn’t deserve a trophy, but maybe to be left alone would be nice.