JCPD memo: JC Bloods have called for backup to kill another officer


In wake of the murder of 23-year-old officer Melvin Santiago, the Jersey City Police Department has acknowledged that the Bloods in Jersey City have requested help from affiliate gang members in Camden and Newark to assist in killing another police officer, according to a police memo obtained by Hudson County View. 

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By John Heinis/Hudson County View

“Information from a reliable source within the BLOODS stated that the BLOODS within Jersey City have requested assistance from the BLOODS GANG MEMBERS from Camden and Newark to shoot another POLICE OFFICER in Jersey City,” an excerpt of the memo says verbatim.

“The Cops targeted are those who are working the DOT skyway Detail single man unit. In addition to shooting a Police Officer, members of the BLOODS will attack and shoot Jersey City EMTs because they know the Police Officers will respond immediately to their back-up.”

The memo concludes by stating that according to a reliable source, “the BLOODS will not stop until the National Guards are called in.”

A source, who spoke under the condition of anonymity since they were not authorized to speak on the matter, confirmed that the memo sent to Hudson County View was authentic.

As ABC’s Eyewitness News reported last night, the memo also states that the Bloods in Jersey City are stashing AK-47s in abandoned houses and apartments.

Santiago was killed at the Walgreens at the intersection of Communipaw Ave. and John F. Kennedy Blvd. early Sunday morning when he responded to an armed robbery.

His funeral service is set for Friday morning at 11 a.m. at St. Aloysius Church, which will commence after the JCPD marches in Santiago’s honor.

Public Safety Director James Shea could not be immediately reached at his office on Tuesday and did not immediately return a call to his cell phone.

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  1. This is simply nuts, please all that is holy watch over my Home town and all the loved ones that are Police Officer, Fireman and EMTS protecting the streets and the people. Please do not let them be harmed while doing their job place a protective light around them all….so shall it be in love and light.

    • Not trying to defend anyone but we have looked over and over again on fb how cops beat and kill black people for nothing becuz they can it’s just pay back time and making examples just like they did us. I really wish it didn’t have to come to this but, reap what u sow

      • Pleez, that is such BS!!! I have lived on both sides of the street and I’m WHITE. They (law enforcement) don’t pick and choose who they (law enforcement) target!! YOU, the CRIMINAL, the law breaker, the drug dealer, the SILENT ONE, who sees trouble and doesn’t step in or help should be dealt with in any way that the law sees fit. They keep your mom, grandmother, and family and strangers safe who live in the real world. Not the “little white lies never hurt anybody crowd” but the honest treat your neighbor with respect person

  2. Very sad now we have to be more careful when getting out of our house. I have been leaving for 13 years in jersey city where it’s been very quiet

  3. Such a sad state of affairs. Just tragic that people like this exist. Is it really a good idea to have a parade of police officers before the funeral if they are on the hunt for them?

  4. Like the common roach these vermin should be eradicated from our streets without prejudice! It is obvious that the average law abiding citizens are put through the ringer regarding the 2nd amendment however such scum roam at will like the wild west. I hope that Jersey City and society in general drops the hammer on these F_€#$!!

  5. My thoughts and prayers are going out for the safety of emt's. They should be spared in all of this, considering an EMT is not classified as a public servant.

    • Agreed. A parade of Hells Angels surrounding the funeral generally does lead to the procession running without incident. Unless someone decides to go rogue and think that the Hells Angels won’t come after you. They will. Please leave this family in peace and let him be laid to rest without incident for everyone’s sake. And to those who stupidly target the EMT’s, you’re idiots. You will reap what you sow and who do you think will be coming to save your family or friends god forbid something happen to them? The ghost of the EMT you shot? Put your guns down. There is no need for retaliation of this nature period.

  6. @ john baird…, Don’t know where you get off saying EMTs are not public servants. I worked with these brave men & women who are now in harms way by these animals. Jersey City PD & Jersey City MC EMS have wotked together side by side for 130 years we are family and each of them both EMS & PD would take a bullet for one another!!! I know that because, as I said I once worked there and my heart is still there.

    • I was once an EMT, I was arrested and charged with impersonating a public servant, because a security guard saw my six point star of life hat and assumed I was a cop. Thus, the court determined that EMT’s are not public servants.

      • so you let a rent a cop who is trying to be a cop arrest you for thinking you are a cop for wearing a hat with a star on it? LOL that is hilarious.

  7. I hope they really step up security on Friday. Maybe they need the National Guard the day of the funeral. God help Jersey City. Very scary situation going on there. RIP officer Santiago. Please keep everybody safe.

  8. This is some fabricated bulldshit this not the first cop killed here n jersey city or the first suspects jc has the most racists cops i know y cause they dnt live n this district i bet a million dollars the ones who start losing they lives is known fellons they dnt like these cops been waiting on this opportunity if there’s a leak fo u think they wuld keep passing information 7 news put it ot there first the police just trying to get ppl behind them yo justify what they about to do i just hope its not one of u dick riders family members just reaching n they pocket for keys!!!! Jesus plz steer this wheel grab hold of this situation n Jesus name!!!!!

  9. My dad was a Jersey City patrolman in the late 50's and 60's in a mostly black neighborhood. He was highly respected by the people he protected and served. This shit that wants to glorify cop killers are some evil SOB's. Martin Luther King would be disgusted by these "thugs". I'm thinking about getting some law abiding citizens from Georgia to come up there and knock some heads in if they try to put up another memorial to that piece of shit cop killer.

  10. Sorry love all branches of the military. But this is a job for the marine Corp or navy seals. The old saying is correct. When the Italians and iris left those cities , so did the squirrels. They where to afraid to live.

  11. Isn't this considered a terroristic threat! Or just plain terrorism my personal opinion is call in the navy seals and let see who wins I'm so sick of these kind of peanut minded individuals wreaking havoc on the innocent! God bless all of our brothers and sisters in service no matter the department.

  12. I really don't this is true and may be propaganda. The red flag for me was the word "retaliation" was spelled wrong. I don't think any alert would be sent out with a word misspelled. It just may be someone trying to stir the pot and JCPD have enough on their hands, so shame on someone trying to do that. The JCPD WOULD NEVER spell a word wrong in a memo like that 🙁

  13. my prayers go OUT to the family of officer Santiago….but what about the unarmed man that was just killed by the jersry city’s finest…I didnt see non of you people chiming in on that…let me guess he deserved it because he had warrants…not for murder but municipal warrants…… guess the guy deserved it!!

  14. Ummm, that innocent unarmed man tried to grab a cops gun. Did you forget that Lamar? I don’t think the seriousness of the warrants were an issue off why he was shot. I’m sure it was in his mind though of why and when he was running from the police.

  15. This is truly ridiculous. My prayers go out to everybody in Jersey City. My main concern now is why would you reveal the time and location of Officer Santiago’s funeral service, being fully conscientious of the Blood’s intentions with Jersey City’s police force and EMTs. God forbid anything actually happens. These guys do not fucking play. It’s time to think smart. Gang members shoot up funeral services in Camden, one of the two places where Blood reinforcements are being called from. What makes you think they won’t do the same thing here?

  16. Barbara Sigley Silva Do you really think they are afraid of some hells Angels ? These gangs are not your gangs riding around on Harley Davidson Bikes. They are Young from the ghetto and heartless angry and wont think twice They are not afraid.

  17. @Gregory – If people don't incite others to murder people they don't know maybe people wouldn't get so angry. You're giving them a pass to murder.

  18. Giving them a pass? What about all the innocent people killed everyday by police? No one shld lose a life to crime. And eye for an eye makes the whole world blind. But to sit there and make comments against an already irritated group isn't going to fix anything. You all sit their flexing your internet muscles because your not the ones having to protect these streets. Your not tying up your laces. Your family isn't being effected. You think the guard or the police want to lose anymore of their lives over. We don't need a civil war. This can go nationwide if not put under control. Leave it be and keep your ignorance out of it.

  19. It's so easy to sit in your comfy world n condemn others. Jobs do not just fall of trees most of "Them " made mistakes as adolescents n r still paying for those mistakes. KILLING ANY BODY IS WRONG BUT KILLING POLICE OFFERS YOU SHOULD RECEIVE THE WORST PUNISHMENT. POSSIBLE. The blood's r not helping their cause or their members by encouraging reckless behavior. Let's pray for a peaceful resolution.

  20. Everyone will make an uproar about this (rightfully so), but then tomorrow half of you will be complaining about how cops, etc. make too much money, and their jobs aren't that dangerous, and their pensions should be eliminated or reduced because you don't get one so why should they, etc. If you are going to be outraged by this attack, then remain outraged when the Governor returns to attacking them, too. God bless our officers, first responders, teachers, and anyone else who dedicates their lives to service within our communities.

  21. Steven Babb No you idiot. I was enlisted, and didn't up my Facebook network. So tell me again how your opinion is relevant to my statement?

  22. The hell we're not!!! we are public servants and the lowest paid, no pension, some have no medical ins we get our asses kicked in the streets and for. Someone to put a threat on the head of an EMT is more wrong!!! we break our backs for our communities with no thank you or appreciation apparently mr fire axe! thou try running 6,000 calls a year sleeping in your comfy bed at the fire house and going out every now and again. EMTs and Police are in those streets 24-7 that's why FF weren't included for once oh yeah you guys are the HEROS but we save you don't ever forget it!!! 25 years in service as an EMT and your comment really just hurt my feelings!!!

  23. Would these "Georgia citizens" be able to distinguish btw. gangs members and people of color, or will they simply "knock heads" any people of color they encounter? I understand what you are trying to say, but you must understand that some of those "law abiding citizens" from there still have a 19th century mentality and would simply love to kill any and all non-European people.

  24. Jacqueline Amato I actually served in the US military, so you should have more respect for idiots like me. Not everyone that's in a gang is a total waste of space, just like not every cop does his duty and is a good person. Being an enlisted man isn't that different than being a gang member in reality, and certainly doesn't put you above anyone. Anybody who actually served understands that. Also, Vincent you idiot the only thing I know about you is your name – and that next to your name it says United States Army but I guess you are just living in the past.

  25. Well I do apologize, thank you for your service, but I hold a lot of respect for those serving and have served. I get how the military works, not ever been enlisted but grew up around those serving and have served. Personally I dont see our military "gang" equivalent to those in malicious gangs such as the "bloods". I don't see service men and women signing up to break the laws or make their own, but to help protect and do good.

  26. Maybe they aren't the same thing, but I think a lot of people who find themselves in gangs are redeemable or products of bad circumstance, and plenty of military or police are probably pretty shitty. Not condoning murder or threats or violent gang activity, but it's kind of ignorant to condemn and judge every gang member, especially when these days you can be an excellent and kind human being in every way still find yourself on the wrong end of the law, jailed, assaulted, or killed. Not to mention if you are a minority in a poor relatively hopeless city with no busy industry or good prospects. A person in that situation might look to join the army….. or a gang; the main difference is the gang would probably be familiar and might have a lot of your friends and family involved in it.

  27. What about the EMT's?? These people's sole jobs are to save lives and care for the sick, yet these savages are going to attack and shoot them, just to entice the police to show up and kill them too??? How do you justify that??

  28. I do get what your saying, but it's time people start accepting accountability for their actions. We all know right from wrong. There are other options, the easiest route isn't always the right route. I'm not saying they deserve imprisonment or death, but come on giving/following orders to kill people is fucked up. I understand theirs P.O.S. cops out there, my town is overflowing with them, but it doesn't condone killing them. We are ALL responsible for ourselves and our own actions, blaming circumstance or others for your issues is a cop out. Killing people just bc is not excusable and assholes like these gang members with illegal guns is what's causing all these people want to ban guns and come take away responsible gun owners guns. I feel for their situation but why not make your gang a positive experience for those involved and their community…

  29. they have no respect for people who make an honest living and move in a positive way thru life..everyone has chances to make something of themselves..hello we have a black president .. he can do you can do it .. no more excuses

  30. Gregory Arias, you're trying to sound so intelligent about your own stupidity, I feel sorry for your dumb ass. You don't sound like someone valuable just like your thoughts and comments. Take your head out of your ass and contributeto this society in a positive way.

  31. Steven Babb I really couldn't care to take this any further, its my choice not update the Facebook network. I do not live on Facebook and really donot see the need to update every detail about myself on it.

    With that being said, what the hell does your initial comment have anything to do with growing up and being an adult? Nothing, you were being ignorant trying to look like an internet hero for reasons unknown.

    Do us all a favor and get the gist of my message. GROW UP. Picking petty on the internet is lame as this article is for gang initiation and killing cops. You need focus in your life sir.

  32. Cy Hotchkiss I in no way condone any of this. But we the people need to not be so just to judge unfairly. My question to all is why do they feel this way??

  33. Vincent Joseph You really don't have good comprehension skills. You are saying things that apply to all gang members which I implied aren't that far off from a lot of soldiers in the military (i.e you) of which for a brief moment you appeared to be; because you aren't represented well by your profile. Capiche?

  34. Under the Patriot Act gang members are looked at as homeland terrorist, and insurgents. Local police and National Guards should be the least of their worries. Can wait until I see military special forces and wipe those motherfuckers out. That shit won’t happen here in Florida, I carry around a Ruger Sr1911, anyone gets out of hand around me they will meet my 45 cal in the wrong way. I’m licensed and I carry my concealed weapons permit.

  35. I don't get why you're so infatuated with his Facebook status… Enlisted or not, being in or have been in the military is a "gang" you shouldn't be ashamed of acknowledging…. The army may be a gang but its also a job that pays you with benefits unlike bullshit street gangs…. I really don't understand what you are trying to prove here Steven…. To chose a life of low life crimes and bullying is NOTHING compared to maning up and joining the military no matter how you try to swing it….

  36. Why in the world would you post where the funeral services are going to be held?? Knowing that many officers will be there griveing now they have to also look over there backs.. And all of this I will do this I would do that, shut up or get your asses up to JC and do what you claim, I have family and friends up there that wear blue and they are the bravest people I know considering the areas they work in, so if you dont put on the uniform and you dont have an inside connection who can pull some strings, we all know that the Marines and Army infantry divisions are not going to be sent there. So please just say some prayers and stop adding wood on the dam fire..

  37. Berlin. Watch yourself . Might have to form a real "Boondock Saints"and help the cops take pieces of shit like those cop haters off the street. In the South we keep guns for reasons as violent flash mobs, thugs trying to play knock out, shit like this. Understand Bro. Ha,Ha,Ha………

  38. Gregory Arias Saying that the police shoot innocent people everyday is untrue and absurd. Bloods on the other hand rob, assault, shoot, and kill innocent people and other gang members constantly. Detroit can't go more than 24 hours without a murder and the Bloods are a major reason why. This isn't a group who are irritated, they are a group of criminals and murderers who have chosen now to shoot police at random. They contribute nothing positive to society and make it a more dangerous place to live in. When you plan to kill members of the only group responsible for the safety of everyone in America then you become a danger to people the officers protect. A moral society would be negligent in their responsibilities to insure a safe environment for it's citizens if they knew of plans to kill it's peace officer and did not take immediate steps to stop it.

  39. What are you ppl so closed minded. That's the problem with all you read and believe only what you want too. Ever hear of a statement of opposition. Seeing both sides of a story without any bias. Who's going around killing cops. No one but this one person. Leave it be meaning don't hype it up any further. But let's count how many people have been killed by cop vs cops being killed. Those scales were tipped 1000x more.

  40. I'm so sure you DGAF what I have to say because your avi is beyond ignorant. No one says you have to like the man but dammit to hell don't you dare include educated, good people in your hate mongering message. You know good and well his beautiful daughters have NOTHING to do with this!! you should be ashamed to call yourself an American spewing disgusting things like that there are allot of races including Caucasian children in gangs!!!!

  41. I agree about adding wood it's stupid, but there will be officers from every state to try something would be truly crazy! He will be put to rest in peace worry about after that's when things could get a little wirery

  42. What better place to take a cheap shot at an officer? Do you really believe they will think "well there's going to be police officers from other states lets not do anything?" I think the mindset of these individuals will be oh national news coverage and a way to include or invite gang members from other area to join their sick plan. just my opinion and we all have them.

  43. Gregory Arias Go fuck yourself. How's some retard who probably dropped out of highschool, who thinks gang members are more productive members of society than cops and EMTs, going to call me ignorant? #JumpOffABridge #YouAreWorthless #BloodsAreCriminals #TheyreNotPeople #DIAF

  44. John Davis but being a cop doesn't make you a person of moral superiority either. GRegory never said gang members are more productive members. Why are you making up stuff that Gregory didn't say. Cops suffer from gang mentality too. I know cops first hand that are going to stoop down to their level and do some messed up things. I will never understand this blind allegiance to cops. They are normal human beings with faults and psychological issues like any other member of society. everyone should be sceptical of any cop just like they would a random person on the street. We even have patriots that dislike cops for the police state that has been created. many are out there protecting our borders and helped out Bundy.

  45. Cy Hotchkiss left alone for years? it never stopped. nobody left it alone. the war has waged on since the late 80s/early 90s. bloods are just less organized. some are even protected by our DEA so they have someone in the criminal organization to help keep track of other crime organizations and control the drug trade.

  46. kevin if I were you, I'd keep that nonsense down south and let the police do their jobs because in the tri-state area there are more guns and people with guns who don't care about actual sworn servants of the law, let alone some red neck with a vendetta. In the tri-state area, playing vigilante is the fastest way to find yourself dead.

  47. I agree 7ft under please! These Jack asses don't belong in jail just save the tax payers a lot of money and put ALL of them 7ft. Under! Do it on a low down so the police have the upper hand. Leave the specifics away from the media and public so they can do their job!

  48. This is very sad to hear..Why would they even post when and where the service will be at and the time. so that means there will be more shooting going on that day so ppl please stay out the streets it sounds like its going to be a mess in Jersey City 🙁