James Wiley: I authorized NB DPW to do out of township work for my sons


Former North Bergen Department of Public Works Superintendent James Wiley admitted in Hudson County Superior Court that he sent workers to paint buildings for both his son Czar and his son Count – a former West New York commissioner. However, he argued that a verbal shared services agreement was in place for the latter. 


Brian Neary, NB DPW Supervisor Troy Bunero’s lawyer in the matter, cross-examined Wiley on whether or not he sent DPW worker’s to the Paramus home of his son Czar Wiley – the North Bergen head football coach, who is also the vice principal of the township’s McKinley School.

“You sent workers to Czar’s house in Paramus, right?” Neary asked.

“Yes,” James Wiley replied, also clarifying that the work was done on township time.

“Did you do this [as] a gift for your son Czar?” Neary questioned.

“I did it for my son, correct,” James Wiley answered, stating his son Czar knew the men painting his home were from the North Bergen Department of Public Works.

While James Wiley also confirmed he sent NB DPW workers to paint the West New York office of Count Wiley – then a town commissioner – in 2012, however, he disputed state Attorney General’s Office Civil Investigator Joseph Salvatore’s notion that the work occurred illegally.

James Wiley argued that a verbal shared services agreement was in place between Union City, West New York, North Bergen, Secaucus and Fairview.

Neither Czar or Count Wiley have been charged as a result of the state AG’s probe of the North Bergen Department of Public Works.

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  1. Thank you, John Heinis, for your reporting of this important issue. My concerns are chiefly about spray paint-gate. As I recall, Mayor Roque made a ‘big’ deal about the use of North Bergen municipal workers spray-painting Commissioner Wiley’s Town Hall Office. From the beginning, Dr. Wiley has consistently maintained that WNY has a verbal shared services agreement with North Bergen. I appreciate Mr. James Wiley clarifying the issue as he just did. His explanation is very plausible and makes good sense. While only WNY, NB, UC,and Secaucus are in North Hudson, ALL five municipalities are represented by our two Assembly Persons, Prieto and Jiminez. WNY, UC, and NB are also part of NHRF&R, and Secaucus FD REGULARLY. assists NHRF&R and vice versa. Former Mayor Musto of Union City, and ranking State Senator, as well, envisioned multiple shared services agreements among local municipalities that would save money. The NHRF&R could not have happened without Senator Musto’s highly effective ground work. Written shared services agreements are the norm in Hudson County. If the then-ranking NBDPW sent his workers to WNY to do a job and told his son, Commissioner Wiley that it was authorized as per a shared service agreement, I believe Commissioner Wiley. Apparently so do most intelligent individuals concerned. I do believe WNY will be served True justice: I don’t believe the authorities will choke on the gnat of spray paint-‘gate’ but swallow the camel of our Mayor’s alleged quarter million dollar ‘referral’ fees.