In rare show of unity, Hoboken Council moves veteran housing plan forward


In a rare show of unity, the Hoboken City Council unanimously approved a resolution for Mayor Dawn Zimmer to execute a Municipal Board Property Ownership Consent Form to move the American Legion Post 107 veteran housing project forward, requiring a vote from the Zoning Board of Adjustment next.


Specifically, the resolution calls for the use of 900 square feet to the proposed 5-story American Legion project to meet building code requirements prior to going before the zoning board.

“We encourage the council to execute the resolution that is on the agenda so that we can continue to move forward, the process of the zoning board, to seek some variances, and to ultimately create what would be a great asset for both the city and to help the state of homelessness among the U.S. veterans,” Mark Villamar,  of the American Legion Post 107, said while addressing the council.

The proposed American Legion facility, which would be located on 308 Second St., would be a mixed-used space. The housing plan includes six units for homeless veterans, a kitchen facility, meeting rooms on the first and second floors and a laundry facility on floors three, four and five.

The proposal plan required 900 square feet to fit two sets of staircases and an elevator to meet building code requirements.

With this resolution, The City of Hoboken has consented for the use of the agreed the adjacent space, currently used as 15 spaces for municipal parking, and to move forward with an application to be heard before the Zoning Board.

The only complaint from city council was that the new facility can provide shelter to only six homeless veterans.

“They’ve given a lot, the most of to our country, and they are reason why we have what we do have today, so the least we can do is vote on this tonight. At least it get six homeless veterans a roof over their heads,” stated Hoboken 4th Ward Councilman Ruben Ramos.

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