Hudson County judge tosses former Hoboken police chief’s political retaliation suit


A Hudson County Superior Court judge dismissed former Hoboken Police Chief Anthony Falco’s political retaliation suit against the city and ex-Mayor Dawn Zimmer last week.

Anthony Falco being sworn in as Hoboken police chief on June 18th, 2009. Photo via

By John Heinis/Hudson County View

Judge Martha D. Lynes threw out the case in its entirety on Thursday, just days before the trial was scheduled to begin, the city announced on Friday.

A virtually identical lawsuit filed by Falco in Federal District Court was dismissed with prejudice on October 20, 2017, as Hudson County View previously reported.

The lawsuit was very personal for the Zimmer family, with Falco alleging that Zimmer and the city retaliated against Falco because he was unable to ever solve a 2005 hit-and-run case that took the life of her father-in-law, Henry Grossbard.

“I’m gratified that this saga is finally over in favor of Mayor Zimmer and Hoboken,” Mayor Ravi Bhalla said in a statement.

“Two Judges, a Federal District Court Judge, and a Hudson County Superior Court Judge have each ruled that this case lacked a legal basis to proceed. It is unfortunate that Hoboken’s taxpayers were forced to pay the costs associated with defending this frivolous lawsuit. I hope that this result sends the message that the city will not cave to baseless, unsubstantiated claims and will rigorously defend against them.”

In a statement exclusively sent to HCV, Zimmer slammed Falco and his attorney, Jason Orlando, for keeping the city tied up “with frivolous claims” for over five years.

“Unscrupulous attorneys too often misuse our well intentioned civil rights laws to attempt to enrich themselves and their clients with frivolous claims such as these, clogging up our courts and costing New Jersey taxpayers millions of dollars in legal fees each year,” she began.

“This tactic often succeeds, as substantial undeserved settlements are paid in order to avoid skyrocketing legal fees. Reforms are badly needed to ensure that our civil rights laws continue to protect the rights of the real victims of misconduct, while also protecting taxpayers from those who abuse the system for profit.”

Orlando did not return an email seeking comment.

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  1. Summary Judgement is rarely granted in Hudson County, even in obviously BS cases like this one. So this is a really big win for the City. Great job by the City lawyers getting it tossed.

  2. I agree with Linda Lou. This case was bogus from the onset. Just goes to show even a debt hider like Dawn Zimmer could get something right every once in a while.

    The HHA settlement with former ED Garcia on the other hand was a disgrace. $700k to settle a bogus case? Really? I wonder if it had anything to do with Stan’s email trail to the inept former chair Fake Striver. The Shadow Mayor got sloppy and left an email trail for Garcia’s lawyers to exploit. They call email evidence mail in law school 101 for a reason. The question remains did Hoboken shell out $700k of taxpayer funds to limit the former Shadow mayor’s legal liability?

    The truth will come out. Was it the main driver behind the sneak attack Ravi Bhalla endorsement by Zimmer to protect the Shadow’s personal financial situation? These are just questions, not statements. I am one curious gal. Was it worth destroying reform to give the Shadow Mayor a government bailout? Remember he was in no way any government official, in fact that’s what being a Shadow means.

    Between Ravi’s dual job conflicts, the lagging Washington Street debacle and censure Zimmer’s legacy of endorsement is looking worse and worse for the history books. It is a shame that even though she was inept at times she ran a clean ship and never considered a side job getting commissions selling legal contracts using the office of Mayor under color of official right. The legacy continues to be tarnished. What were they thinking?

    Reform is dead, replaced by transactional Mayor with a 32% plurality. Do you think that is a good outcome Linda Lou? Us curious gals have to stick together.

  3. If Jen Giattino didn’t split the reform vote. Why does Roman keep complaining about Ravi getting 32% of the Reform vote. Reform never got more than 47%. Giattino got 14% or was it 12%. Roman is a sore loser. Nothing worse than a sore loser. Move on. Doesnt he have anything else going on in his life? Guess not.

    • And one could argue that 32% would have been 22% if it was not for the fake terror flier purportedly fabricated by LCOR/ Stroger Foundations. Money sure bought this election.