Hudson County judge remands Western Edge project back to Hoboken Planning Board


Hudson County Superior Court Judge Joseph Turula has remanded the Western Edge project back to the Hoboken Planning Board, assuring approval for Block 112 and enforcing strict parameters for the hearing of Block 106.

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“Ordered that the 112 Block Application is hereby remanded to the Planning Board of the City of Hoboken to adopt a Resolution approving the application, consistent with this Court’s decision,” Turula wrote in an order to remand on April 4th.

“And it is further ordered that the 106 Block Application is hereby remanded to the Planning Board of the City of Hoboken to adopt a Resolution that (1) does not include the issue of building coverage at street level as a reason for denial, consistent with this Court’s decision, and (2) includes specific factual findings and conclusions of law in support of its decision on the issue of the linear park and green circuit.”

Additionally, Turula indicates that the planning board has 45 days to adopt resolutions in this matter and the court no longer retains jurisdiction.

The order came after a request for partial summary judgement from Just Block 112, LLC and Hoboken Western Edge, LLC – two subsidiaries of Pegasus Partners.

Two of their three motions, which included voiding the planning board’s previous decision and granting the application approval, were denied.

“Pegasus is gratified that Judge Turula recognized the Hoboken planning board’s decision to reject the western edge site plan applications for what they were, politically motivated acts that were arbitrary capricious and unreasonable,” Mark Villamar, of Pegasus Partners, told HCV.

“We look forward to working with the various stakeholders to get these projects underway, which will greatly benefit the diverse population of Hoboken.”

Turula’s decision isn’t completely shocking, given that the Hoboken City Council approved a settlement for Block 106 last month that included a 30-year payment in lieu of taxes (PILOT) agreement with no union labor deal.

The lawsuit, filed in October 2021, alleges that Hoboken allowed Union City to interfere with the project “at the expense of benefits to Hoboken and its citizens.”

During last month’s vote, several council members expressed dismay that the administration allowed Union City to back them into a corner and approve a settlement that they considered lackluster at best.

According to Hoboken’s public meetings calendar, the next planning board meeting is scheduled for May 9th at 6 p.m. and their agenda isn’t available yet.

A city spokeswoman did not return an email seeking comment, though the city typically doesn’t comment on pending litigation.


Editor’s note: This story was updated with a comment from Pegasus Partners’ Mark Villamar.

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  1. Brian Stack and Ravi will not be pleased. Will they complain to federal Democrat officials? Will the judge be raided by government stormtroopers? Will Antifa and co. be called in to protest at the judge’s home? So many Democrat choices.

  2. Great use of taxpayer dollars, Ravi!

    Someone should OPRA how much we pay in litigating cases under this absolute joke of an administration. I mean, just the cases we lose should be enough since…it’s all of them:

    Hilton hotel quid pro quo? Fail.
    Exxon Mobile (BAHAHAHA)? Fail.
    Union Dry Dock? Fail.
    DeFusco Campaign Violations? Fail.
    Nixlegate? Fail.
    Western Edge? Fail.
    PSE&G (water main break)? Wait. What?