Hudson County Commissioner O’Dea comes out hard against Jersey City pool fees


Hudson County Commissioner Bill O’Dea is coming out hard against proposed Jersey City pool fees, exclaiming that “especially for our inner city youth, these pools are a lifeline.”

Hudson County Commissioner Bill O’Dea (D-2). Facebook photo.

By John Heinis/Hudson County View

“I am writing to you to express my strong opposition to the pool fees that was introduced at [Wednesday] night’s city council meeting. For as long as I can remember, Jersey City has NOT charged for use of its PUBLIC pools,” O’Dea said in a statement.

“Our public pools each act as an oasis during hot summer days, which with climate change, we are seeing more of. Those of us who do not have the luxury of belonging to a private pool club or health club, have only the option of public pools. Especially for our inner city youth, these pools are a lifeline.”

O’Dea continued that in a post-COVID world, youth should be encouraged to play outdoors in the warm weather and didn’t mince words about what he thought about the ordinance.

“This is one of the WORST ideas I have ever heard of and comes at the worst time as so many are struggling to just pay their bills.”

If approved, local legislation would establish $3 fees for adult residents (18 to 61), $2 for children, and $1 for seniors. Adults and children would pay $1 extra on weekends and holidays, while senior fees would remain the same.

Non-resident adults and children would double, with the holiday and weekend fees raising to $8 and $6, respectively, while senior fees would remain stable at $2.

Initially meant to be implemented this summer, the ordinance was amended so that the fees would not kick in until 2024 and was approved unanimously (9-0) for introduction at Wednesday’s meeting.

Nevertheless, O’Dea said this is a clear example where the council must vote this measure down.

“The revenue generated will not nearly off set the negative impact it will have on our children, seniors and residents who have little or no other options. Do not amend it, do not tweak it – just do the right thing and DEFEAT IT.”

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  1. Oh my Mr O’Dea Says everyone should have everything and those who can’t afford it should have it given to them at the expense of those who pay taxes

    • In 2023 there needs to be and should be a charge to use the municipal pools. The unanimous City Council vote makes it clear most of our elected officials understand the economic realities. However, it is also politically beneficial to pander to a percentage of voters and say you wanted to give them free access so they will hopefully vote for you.