Hudson County Central Labor Council endorses Romano for Hoboken mayor


The Hudson County Central Labor Council endorsed Hoboken Freeholder Anthony Romano (D-5) for mayor.

Photo courtesy of the Romano for mayor campaign.
Photo courtesy of the Romano for mayor campaign.

By John Heinis/Hudson County View

“Anthony has always been there in support of labor union since we’ve known him, both as a freeholder and hopefully as the future mayor of Hoboken. There is no other candidate more qualified than him to serve as mayor,” HCCLC President Peter Busacca said in a statement.

“We are there for him since he has always stood for the rights of our union members.”

“I’m very humbled and honored because of the close relationship I’ve had all my life with labor, my father was a union president, I was a labor officer, I stand with my brothers and sisters of the CLC,” Romano added over the phone.

“I am extremely grateful for their confidence in me to support the initiatives of the council.”

The HCCLC is an affiliate of the American Federation of Labor and Congress of Industrial Organizations (AFL-CIO) and they represent the interests of a number of trade workers.

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  1. What makes Stick so qualified to be mayor? He’s never had a position in city government higher than school board. As freeholder he raised our taxes every single year. As a cop he used his position to hit on women. He’s collecting six figure pensions as well as making $36,000 a month from his rental units, an untold amount from the bar (which he owned illegally when he was a cop), his salary as freeholder, and still lives in city-subsidized housing. I wonder what the lady union members would think knowing he’s skeeved out so many young ladies who’ve worked for him, and now refuse to go anywhere near him?

  2. Addeo is a big pal of John Corea the convicted felon ex jailbird who stole from the HPU
    Addeo ran with him and supported him for a job in Hoboken as HPU director, not only that Vinny’s got himself in a sweet cheap apartment in Church Towers
    Guess taking apartments from the needy is what Stick and friends are all about

    Russo …Addeo … Romano… We take the 3 bedroom apartments so poor so don’t get to!