Homeless Hoboken man arrested for exposing himself at Church Square Park


A homeless Hoboken man was arrested Friday morning for exposing himself at Church Square Park, an official said.

Wander Torres. Photo courtesy of the Hoboken Police Department.

By John Heinis/Hudson County View

On Friday at approximately 10:40 a.m., Hoboken Police Officers James Barbro and Roberto Cuevas responded to Church Square Park, 400 Garden St., on reports of a man sitting on a park bench near the Fifth Street and Park Avenue entrance, exposing himself, said public safety spokeswoman Marci Rubin.

When they arrived, the caller pointed the suspect out to officers. The man, later identified as Wander Torres, 32, who is unhoused, refused to give his name to police and made threats to the original caller.

Torres was transported to Hoboken Police Headquarters, charged with lewdness and making terroristic threats, before being transported to the Hudson County Correctional Facility.

He was also found to have an active warrant from Union City for disorderly conduct.

The Hoboken Police Department has received complaints about quality-of-life issues in and
around Church Square Park, Rubin added.

The city, Public Safety Department, and Police Department are committed to addressing these issues by increasing routine police patrols in and around Church Square Park.

Additionally, Hoboken’s social workers have been meeting with those experiencing homelessness in several locations including Church Square Park to connect them with the services they need.

Anyone who sees or experiences any criminal, disorderly, or suspicious activity in Church
Square Park, or anywhere in Hoboken, is asked to call the police department to file a report at (201) 420-2100.

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  1. As Bhalla and thug crew sell out Hoboken with the hopes they will get higher office. legal contracts and dispensary profits, the city we all built BEFORE his little Democratic Committee interns showed up is falling to ruin.
    Bhalla a lazy thug wont speak up for Hoboken, he’s nothing more than Stack’s bottom… He will do anything to be Fulop’s AG or Judge… We are in big trouble and Ravi and the Dem Committee interns use us as a jobs bank

  2. Ravi Bhalla is running Hoboken the way Mayor London Breed is in SanFrancisco
    He wants these national problems so he can get national attention

    Instead of cleaning streets and doing more than going to lunch with his boys club and taking orders from Brian Stack
    Bhalla is power hungry, mean, ruthless and can’t wait to move up

    He cares more about headlines than his city
    I also believe he would commit unethical things to enrich himself

    Any Mayor that’s afraid of his police chiefs is sometimes a mayor that is compromised and the police have a file on them.
    RE: racist flyer perhaps?

  3. Ravi survived the the Terror Flier. The statute of limitations has passed. The line of people in the know would go around the entire block of City Hall. That includes all of City Hall from the council up to the second floor. Not a joke. It’s the worst kept secret in Hoboken.

    • I don’t have a horse in this race but have you ever seen a professional about lingering mental health issues? This ongoing obsession with a fictitious event from a half-dozen years ago is cause for concern. Seek help, and don’t worry about the costs: most doctors will charge the unemployed only a token minimal fee. It could do you a world of good, and hopefully enable you to gain some friends and reconnect with family who can serve as a support group. Good luck.