‘Home in Hoboken’ public art exhibit on display at 3 different locations through March 15


The “Home in Hoboken” public art exhibit will be on display at three different locations through March 15th, according to Hoboken Business Alliance Executive Director Roxanne Earley.

Photo courtesy of the Hoboken Business Alliance, photo by Lauren Anzevino.

By John Heinis/Hudson County View

“Hoboken is a city that welcomes diversity in our people, businesses, and even art. The Hoboken Business Alliance is thrilled to be able to offer these incredible works for public viewing,” Earley said in a statement.

“We hope Home In Hoboken excites the community, and that residents and visitors alike enjoy the beautiful artwork as they wind their way across our city from light rail to waterfront, and everywhere in between.”

The four exhibits are located at the Hi-5 House at Sinatra Park Amphitheatre, Street Ministry at Monroe Center Plaza, and two Icon Camp Houses at Church Square Park.

Fruin’s work has been displayed across New York City and internationally, including in Argentina and Germany.

The pieces he has brought to Hoboken are tributes to architectural icons across the globe and, through his use of scavenged, reclaimed, and recycled materials, pay homage to efforts to build a more sustainable future.

“I love to reach the most diverse audience possible, and Hoboken is the perfect setting for a very diverse group of people going about their days,” Fruin said.

He added that Hoboken’s walkable community with many public parks and plazas, and all of the “cultural offerings you’d expect in this urban and engaged family-friendly community” make Hoboken the ideal spot for public art.

“I hope this work inspires conversation and introspection into themes of home and family and a greater appreciation of the surrounding community,” he added.

Earley further stated that public art creates dialogue and encourages members of the community to reach out to the HBA on Instagram with suggestions for programming related to the temporary installation.

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