Hoboken voters to decide on new high school via January 25th special election


Hoboken voters will decide on a new high school via a January 25th special election next year, with the board of education citing increased enrollment as a reason why the project is necessary.

Photo via Google Maps.

By John Heinis/Hudson County View

“As has been widely discussed, District enrollment is on the rise. Since 2015, enrollment has grown, while our facilities, many of them built before 1910, have remained static. With enrollment increases and the general age of the District’s existing buildings, long range facilities planning has been a top priority,” the BOE said in an email blast late last night.

” … We are thrilled to present to the community a facilities project, including a new high school, that will meet the needs of our growing population, our academic programs and will provide recreation space that the entire community will be able to enjoy. We are extremely proud that this project reflects our wider goal of bridging our school community to the broader Hoboken community.”

They did not go into any specifics about the plan beyond that it would be presented to the planning board in early December and the special election date is scheduled for January 25th, 2022.

The current high school, located at 800 Clinton St., was built in 1962 and the district had just over 2,200 students enrolled as of about a year ago.

North Bergen had a school referendum approved in a December 2018 special election.

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  1. A special election, in late January. Is this part of a competition to see who can hold the election with the lowest turnout ever? Why not just make it on Christmas Day?

  2. Doesn’t Hoboken bring in out of town students to fill out the shrinking high school population ?
    This all seems more than a bit sketchy.
    This plan should have been on the ballot with the vote for School Board seats.
    A low information “special” January vote is very obviously a scheme to limit the democratic process and back door this multimillion dollar project.
    Taxpayers deserve full detailed answers well before any vote is taken.

    • I agree. This school board regime also has a history of inflating enrollment projections to make themselves look good. Their projections never materialize, the cost per pupil goes up, and the student outcomes never keep pace with rising costs. Didn’t they just give the superintendent a raise?

  3. This is insane, it’s like candy in front of a baby. The Crines love he contracts, the realtors love the promise, but the parents who say they want it now, won’t use it later anyway.
    Not when they are killing each other and pulling political strings to get into Hudson High Tech and becoming Catholic to get into St Peters…

  4. Can some one tell me how to vote in the special election? This looks too fishy, 200M budget just increase the capacity by 100, it is going to be a financial black hole.