Hoboken requiring Spaghetti Dinner Block Party attendees to have proof of COVID-19 vaccination


The City of Hoboken is now requiring attendees at their annual Spaghetti Dinner Block Party later this month to have received their COVID-19 vaccination, Mayor Ravi Bhalla announced.

Twitter photo.

By John Heinis/Hudson County View

“In an effort to promote a safe space for residents in City-sponsored activities, we are now requiring proof of vaccination for those residents and individuals 12 years of age and up for the upcoming Spaghetti Dinner Block Party on August 26,” Bhalla said in a Nixle alert yesterday.

“Along with a ticket, proof of vaccination will be required for entry. Children under 12 should wear a face mask upon entry. We made this decision based on the fact that a number of seniors attend this event, and we want to protect our most vulnerable population to the greatest extent possible.”

The Nixle alert also indicates that the Mile Square City’s population that is 65 and older have reached a 96 percent vaccination rate, though breakthrough cases remain a concern due to the Delta variant.

Between August 1st and August 6th, Hoboken saw 40 new COVID-19 cases, 23 in unvaccinated individuals and 17 in fully vaccination individuals, Bhalla noted.

“Of those 23 unvaccinated cases, four were hospitalized. No Hoboken residents who have been fully vaccinated and contracted COVID-19 have been hospitalized, demonstrating that the vaccine is working as intended,” the mayor said.

“This is all the more of a reason to get vaccinated as soon as possible, if you have not already.”

To purchase tickets, which are $40 for adults, $15 for children under 12 and $20 for seniors, or $400 to reserve a table for 10, please click here. Tickets are available until August 16th.

According to the city’s website, the Spaghetti Dinner Block Party was an event that was started in 2005 to celebrate Hoboken’s 150th Anniversary.

The idea was to recreate a community event that took place in 1955 for the City’s 100th Anniversary: a Spaghetti Dinner Block Party on Washington Street.

For the time being, Hoboken is the only Hudson County municipality to enact a coronavirus vaccine/testing mandate for municipal employees, which went into effect yesterday, with few others expressing an interest to do the same.

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  1. Of course it has been shown that vaccinated people can spread the virus and that children are increasingly getting COVID.
    Why would anyone responsible have this dinner at this time?

    • It’s not about science, it’s about following the party line. The global scientific community knows about the triple shot vax in Israel with the failures there leading to hospitalization. The numbers on the waning effectiveness with the “vaccine” is well known and Israel is coping with it as the CDC and Fauci the illicit funder of the CCP Wuhan bioweapon refuses to allow effective treatments working great around the world in Ivermectin among others.

      Problem is Ivermectin doesn’t make billions in profits for Fauci and his Big Pharma buddies. So Fauci continues to lie and demonize anyone not helping those billion dollar record profits as the Leaky Vaccine will continue to fail. Then you’ll be hearing about the next Big Pharma drugs (Pfizer) to treat the illness early as Fauci blocks those available and effectively working around the world in Ivermectin.

      Children can get the CCP virus but they are hardly slowed by it. They are all but immune. Yet they are being massively abused with stupid face masks and threatened with a drug pumped into them they don’t need and which poses a real threat to their health. Ravi Bhalla is following the orders from his party bosses not science.

      • pitting ivermectin against big pharma when it is manufactured by merck is something only a complete moron would come up with.

        invermectin is an effective horse dewormer. that’s probably how this particular complete moron heard of it.

        for non-morons, stick to the vaccines that have been administered in the 100s of millions. leave the dewormers to the wormy.


        • If you wish to deworm anything, deworm your ignorance. Ivermectin has been used more than three billion times globally and is a GENERIC DRUG widely available and inexpensive. Congratulations, you’ve proved you’re the moron!

          Ivermectin is showing global benefits as a anti-viral in the fight against the CCP virus. Your denial due to reactionary head up your ass party fealty, like so many others is causing many needless deaths.

          The vaccines are not the answer with the globally embedded CCP Virus. Israel is offering objective data (not political posturing with lies piled atop lies).With high jab rates and effectiveness dramatically falling, they’ve taken to booster shots for those jabbed twice and falling ill. More than a dozen people taking the third shot are hospitalized. Iceland similarly recognizes the ongoing vaccine failures and this will continue. It will continue in the US where early treatment is hindered in favor of Fauci’s Big Pharma mega billions in vaccine profits only allowed approach.

          The vaccine only and “for all” strategy like lockdowns is a scientific failure and hazardous to the healthy, especially children. Preventing inexpensive but effective early treatments like Ivermectin is a crime against humanity.

          There’s effective and inexpensive treatment for the CCP virus. It should be managed early and those treatments offered on an outpatient basis. It does not need to await a Pfizer-controlled version with a big price tag adding billions in profits as Fauci is already trying to set up.

          For those who wish to learn beyond ignorant political brainwashing, please listen to Harvard epidemiologist Martin Kuldorff. He is among top world scientists pointing out the numerous lies and misinformation with the misapplication of an experimental vaccine to healthy youth and children. The details are significant.


          The inventor of mRNA technology urges sanity from relying on a failing vaccine and refusal to apply existing treatment options:

          Biden vaccine policy “more harm than good,” https://justthenews.com/politics-policy/coronavirus/inventor-covid-vaccine-technology-says-bidens-vaccine-policy-will-cause

          Johns Hopkins doctor: COVID vaccines ‘should not be required for all Americans’

          Follow data and evidence based in science, not propagandists.

          • the epoch times? just the news? whose publisher was even too much of a lunatic conspiracy theorist for fox news and got fired by them? do you ever read or cite anything remotely reliable? you didn’t produce a single grown-up journalist to support the use of horse dewormer. i guess we could call that good news. otherwise it’s just another day of p!ssing on your ruined brand.

          • That’s it? You can’t address a single statistical data point or evidence in science. Your reply is simply ignore a Harvard world leading scientist on virus and vaccines because you don’t like who he spoke to? That goes for all other scientists and doctors including the mRNA inventor as well.

            WHAT A DOLT! What an absolute utter moron! You have absolutely nothing to offer with scientists and doctors addressing data and facts.

            All you have is your utter ignorance and stupidity which thoroughly discredits you. Go back to your censored hackery and paid political operative BS for Ravi and Duh Party.

          • your sources are garbage to anyone not living in his mom’s basement.

            your opinions are nothing more than rightwing political bias masquerading as interest in something you think is called science.

            so yeah, that’s it. you’re a waste of time.

          • Saw another study out today on the Pfizer jab failing and this one was mentioned in Axios. Not sure if that’s considered sufficiently censored and/or left wing enough for these party obedient lemmings. You never know with the batshite crazy Facist Left. Without censorship, their lies cascade into failure. Censorship and fascism is all they have left. The scientific trend line of declining Big Pharma vaccine effectiveness isn’t going away by censorship and more fascist action against Americans.

            Early treatment is the proper response. People must have access.


            US News did cover the John Hopkins physician on the misapplication of the vaccine to all:


  2. Hoboken’s last reported CCP Virus infections are almost equal among those jabbed and not. But here’s Ravi Bhalla encouraging anti-science fascism to discriminate against anyone without the jab. Well good for you Ravi. Go ahead and keep your variant incubators to yourselves at your super spreader event. Now that’s the actual science. Look it up and learn the truth.

    • It’s an old interesting intellectual exercise trying to evaluate whether you are more crazy or more stupid. I’m leaning toward stupid. But the crazy is so overpowering that it’s hard to tell. Would need you to be on anticrazy meds for at least 2 months to be able to sort it out.

  3. Assuming this story won’t updated with Councilwoman Fisher’s ridiculously hypocritical criticism of this decision, let’s talk about here. She believes this is an overreach by the Mayor to #headlinegrab. Yet early on the pandemic, Councilwoman Fisher was criticizing the Mayor for not doing enough for our seniors. Which is it? So really, the only #headlinegrabber is Councilwoman Fisher ALWAYS trying to connect anything the Mayor does to campaign gains.

    If she really thinks he’s doing such a terrible job for #ourhoboken, why doesn’t she throw her hat in the ring and run for Mayor. Oh right, she can’t because you can’t govern a city by spending all of your time engaging on social media with trolls.

    • Hey John A. – Ravi Bhalla failed as many politicians backing overbearing, failed and harmful lockdowns while ignoring the actual vulnerable population: seniors. It was a community effort led by Toni Tomarazzo to focus there and help protect Hoboken seniors. She’s a great person and acted when others were pumping out their chest on how tough they are announcing the closure of other people’s businesses. But hey, that’s Ravi.

    • For someone who isn’t running Fisher sure is behaving like a candidate.

      My take is she desperately wants to run because as the self designated smartest person in Hoboken she genuinely thinks only she is truly qualified for the job. But she won’t run because she also thinks the voters are too uninformed and stupid to understand how great she is and how evil Mayor Bhalla is.

  4. There are finally applying repurposed drugs showing promise and going to maximum trials but it’s been delayed too long. The delay is because of the Big Pharma – government wedded together which serves them but not the American people. Over decades we’ve seen this play out from AIDs in the 80s to the current pandemic. The common denominator: Tony Fauci. He has his financial interests hands both in. Worse, his hands are all over the illegal funding of the Wuhan lab in China. His denials under oath before Congress require prosecution. We are being treated as cattle and worse. Of course Ravi Bhalla is doing little more than ensuring no “yellow star” tagged people not vaccinated are allowed at an outdoor event. Have to deem a scapegoat after all and it can’t be the people who had their “hands in” this global destruction. Never them.