Hoboken recognizes the 56 residents lost on 9/11 with new memorial


Hoboken’s annual 9/11 interfaith remembrance ceremony saw the city unveil their memorial honoring the 56 residents whose lives were lost on September 11, 2001.


At the podium, Mayor Dawn Zimmer explained why she felt this was a major accomplishment for the Mile Square City.

“I’m very proud, that thanks to the hard work of everyone, Hoboken now has a beautiful, permanent memorial to provide a place for families and friends to remember their loved ones,” began Zimmer.

“For Hoboken residents to reflect and for visitors to gain a deeper understanding of our city. The foundation of our memorial is a stainless steel beam, aligned with the World Trade Center site. On the beam, a glass panel, for each of the 56 Hoboken residents lost.”

Dave Roberts, who was the Hoboken mayor when 9/11 took place, said he hoped this memorial will bring comfort to the families of the deceased.

“I hope that it brings you comfort. I hope that it brings you peace. Sometimes, as we grieve, the days that go by, although it’s 16 years since those horrible attacks took place, but the pain does not go away,” explained Roberts.

“I suppose you just get used to living with the pain. But I hope this particular memorial, and this community’s caring, means something to you.”

Leo Pellegrini, the city director of health and human services who was instrumental in making the memorial a reality, recalled the chaos on 9/11, wondering if he would make it home to celebrate his son’s 5th birthday.

After clergy members read the 56 names memorialized at Pier A Park, Rabbi Robert Scheinberg led the dozens on hand in consecrating the memorial.

“We consecrate this place to honor and remember the 56 citizens of Hoboken killed in the attacks on September 11, 2001. My this place be solace for the grieving, a place mindful of the everlasting need for the past to inform and engage with the present,” the voices of all those in attendance echoed.

“As our city found resilience through unfaltering community, may we find peace.”

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