Hoboken post office redevelopment plan includes new hotel, waterfront access


A new Hoboken post office redevelopment plan would bring a new hotel and more waterfront access in the vicinity of Pier A Park. Hoboken redevelopment plan

By John Heinis/Hudson County View

The plan, which will be introduced at tomorrow’s city council meeting, would redevelop the underutilized parking lot behind the post office as a hotel with unique architecture.

It would also require the redesign and reconstruction of Newark Street with wide sidewalks and streetscape features to improve connectivity to the waterfront and would activate the block of Sinatra Drive between Newark Street and First Street.

“I thank Council President Giattino and Redevelopment Committee Chair Councilman Cunningham for advocating for this project and working very hard to address some of my initial concerns,” Mayor Dawn Zimmer said in a statement.

“With the W Hotel often fully booked, there is a clear need for more hotel space for our families, friends, and everyone who visits Hoboken. This world-class hotel would improve pedestrian and bicycle connectivity to our waterfront, replace an eyesore with a vibrant, active streetscape with public amenities, and also provide much-needed meeting and event space for our community.”

As Hudson County View first reported last month, the council bonded for $5.3 million for repairs at Pier A Park, anticipating a new hotel in the works.

The plan is estimated to create more than 100 permanent jobs and generate over $1 million annually in real estate taxes, in addition to hotel taxes on a site that is currently exempt from taxes.

“This project will bring tremendous benefits to the neighborhood, create jobs in Hoboken, and generate significant real estate and hotel taxes that will help to keep our taxes stable,” Giattino said in the same statement.

“I want to especially thank City planner Jessica Giorgianni who has done an amazing job on this plan.”

The Hoboken 2004 Master Plan encourages hotels in the area near Hoboken Terminal to “provide a needed service for residents, businesses, and visitors.”

“As Council Subcommittee Chair, my projects have always strongly supported diversifying our tax base from residential towards more commercial, and this project does just that,” added Cunningham.

“I am confident we have met these challenges which will result in a win-win for Hoboken and its local businesses and residents.”

Setback requirements for the hotel, which must use high quality design materials and architecture, are designed to narrow the building to maximize light, air, and open space and minimize shadows on Pier A Park, officials said.

The implementation of the plan would terminate the existing easement with the Post Office which provides angled parking for Post Office vehicles along Newark Street where there currently is no sidewalk.

All Post Office and hotel loading activities would be moved to First Street and take place inside of a building and the hotel would be required to have lease agreements with private parking garages, according to the mayor’s office.

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  1. This whole hotel plan is based on nothing but lies and misrepresentations. There is no waterfront along the Hudson River that already provides as much access as the Hoboken waterfront. Adding a sidewalk does nothing to add access. All on has to do now is simply walk across the street and there is your ccess. To suggest that building a huge hotel with all of it’s height and density issues is an equal trade off in order to get a sidewalk is simply preposterous and blatantly dishonest.
    What is being traded off in favor of a hotel is called over development. It’s called a violation of a citizens right to light, air and the right to peaceful enjoyment of natural resources. The developers of this project have already admitted that studies have been commissioned to determine not IF shadows will be cast upon Pier A by this project but, rather, HOW MUCH of a shadow will be cast.
    The Hoboken politicians are selling out their constituents in favor of satisfying promises that have been made to construction labor unions and big money developers.
    There is nothing about this deal that will benefit Hoboken residents and the politicians need to stop lying to us with their promises of more access to a waterfront that already has more access.
    Tell the truth Zimmer. Tell the truth DeFusco. Tell the truth Russo. Tell us that you are willing to give away our daylight, our already crowded roads, our limited parking and our safety to those special interests who are driving this project! Density can never be an excuse for access, so come clean and tell us what dirty little secrets are hiding behind this monstrosity.