Hoboken police warn parents that children’s cell phones are being stolen


In a public service announcement, the Hoboken Police Department is warning parents that children have recently had their cell phone stolen from their backpacks while playing at Church Square Park. Hoboken police

By John Heinis/Hudson County View

The PSA reads as follows:

“The Hoboken Police Department has recently encountered several incidents where personal items were taken from the back packs of children while they played after school inside Church Square Park, located at 4th and Garden Street.

Several parents have reported their children’s cellular phones taken from inside their back packs.

We understand the children are not attentive to their bags while they play but we ask that parents speak to them and remind them about the importance of properly securing their personal items and to be vigilant when leaving their back packs unattended.

At this time it is unknown if adults or other children are committing these acts but it is important that you notify the police when it occurs. We want to make sure the children are safe and we have a safe environment for them to enjoy after school.

Please report any and all suspicious activity to the Hoboken Police Department, immediately, by calling 201-420- 2100.”

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  1. Both backpacks and lunches were lined up along the length of a low brick wall running along the sidewalk on Stevens Park. The children were not quite a distance away. It was as if their possession were abandoned. I chuckled because their lunches were at the height of an average size dog’s nose. All types of personal items are strewn around our public parks and it a hazard for the parents and a nuisance for the rest of the community.