Hoboken Police Department warns public to beware of cellphone pickpocketing


The Hoboken Police Department is warning the public to beware of cellphone pickpocketing, a crime of opportunity they say is on the rise throughout the region.

By John Heinis/Hudson County View

Investigators have received over two-dozen reports of “apple picking,” or cellphone thefts and pickpocketing, in Hoboken so far this year.

The thefts take place in crowded local bars and restaurants, in which criminals stake out the establishment and wait for patrons to leave their phones unattended, out of sight, or easily accessible.

As a result, the Hoboken PD advises the following to help individuals avoid falling victim to this crime: Never leave your cellphone unattended, if keeping your cellphone in a pocket, make sure it’s in the front and not the back pocket.

Additionally, they advise residents to keep purses in front of them, even when sitting, not to include cash credit cards, or IDs in your cell phone case, and to report any cellphone thefts with the police department immediately.

Anyone with any information on recent cellphone thefts or pickpocketing is asked to contact Police Officer Daniel Grossi with the Hoboken Detective Bureau at GrossiD@Hobokenpdnj.gov.

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