Hoboken Police Chief Ferrante announces 17.9% drop in total crime for 2018


Hoboken Police Chief Kenneth Ferrante announced a 17.9 percent drop in total crime in 2018, with no homicides, rape down 60 percent and robbery down 28.1 percent.

By John Heinis/Hudson County View

“I am proud to announce that the City of Hoboken had a 17.9% reduction in total crime compared to 2017!,” Ferrante began in a series of tweets posted this afternoon.

“The @CityofHoboken did not have one homicide in 2018, and has had one in the past four years. Rape was down 60% in 2018. Robbery went down 28.1% and the @HobokenPD closed robberies at a rate triple that of the State average. Burglary dropped 18.2% while Thefts dropped 20.3%”

The police chief continued that violent crime was down 8.4 percent, while non-violent crime also saw a 19.1 percent drop in 2018. He also said that the HPD closure rate for making arrest was 30.6 percent last year.

Overall, crime was down in 11 of 13 categories in the Mile Square City, according to Ferrante, with the only exceptions being aggravated assault and motor vehicle theft.

In 2018, Hoboken reported 93 aggravated assaults, compared to 88 in 2017, while car thefts also went up slightly: 37 in 2018 as opposed to 32 in 2017.

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  1. Excellent news! Even better if they arrest all those in the mayor’s office responsible for shady monies going out the back door and trying to trick the City Council into approving them! Must investigate!