Hoboken man, 24, caught robbing $1,100 from Santander Bank, authorities say


A 24-year-old Hoboken man was caught robbing $1,100 from Santander Bank on Tuesday, with police able to locate the cash via a tracking device.

Satander Bank at 214 Washington St. in Hoboken. Photo via Google Maps.

By John Heinis/Hudson County View

At 2:47 p.m. on Tuesday, March 28th, Hoboken police responded to Santander Bank following reports of a robbery in progress.

The investigation found that Jamil Deacon, of Hoboken, passed a note to bank tellers demanding $40,000 cash be handed to him and verbally threatened to shoot them if they did not comply.

The suspect was given what was in the teller’s drawer, approximately $1,100 cash and left.

When Hoboken police arrived at the bank, witnesses informed them that the stolen money had a tracking device attached, which allowed officers to quickly track the money to the area of Second and Bloomfield Streets.

Police Officer Roberto Cuevas spotted Deacon nearby that location, and along with Officers Dylan Archilla and Marco Grossman made the arrest.

During the investigation process Hoboken Police Officers collected evidence including the stolen cash, the tracker, the note, and clothing that matched witness descriptions.

As a result, Deacon was charged with robbery, terroristic threats, as well as hindering and tampering with evidence.

He was processed at the Hoboken Police Department and transported to the Hudson County Correctional Facility, police said.

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  1. “Jamil was released after being given a stern talking to, a promise to meet with a social worker for ‘Mindfulness Mondays’ every other month or unless he is tired, and reparations in the amount of $5M USD and a 4 bedroom Hudson Street brownstone.”

  2. If Jamil had just hopped a ride to Manhattan, he’d be already out on no cash bail now and it would be a coin flip that he’d have his bank robbery charges dropped to a misdemeanor. It’s what DA Sorosbots in Manhattan do.