Hoboken and Jersey City residents rejoice in National Night Out


Hoboken and Jersey City residents joined local law enforcement to celebrate National Night Out yesterday, an event to promote crime prevention and neighborhood and police camaraderie.


It was a crowded Church Park Square in Hoboken with local community organizations, EMTs, the Hoboken Fire Department and the Hoboken Police Department equipped with smiles and booklets of information ready to meet various members of the community they serve.

“This year is very significant with what’s been going on in the country, the last two years really. There’s been a lot in the media in the last two months, but it’s been the last two years of civil unrest,” explained Hoboken Police Chief Kenneth Ferrante.

“And it’s very important for law enforcement, residents, government, media all to come together to make for a calmer and safer community.”

Ferrante has also introduced the “Coffee with a Cop” initiative to Hoboken, making the Mile Square City the fourth in the nation to implement the program.

Hoboken Mayor Dawn Zimmer called the event an opportunity to start “building that community partnerships, building that connection within our community.”

The mayor also commended the Hoboken Police Department in light of all tensions between police and civilians that exist in other parts of the country.

“The police department is someone that we can rely on. We rely on the police department and they do an excellent job in protecting our community,” she said.

In Jersey City, Hamilton Park had similar activities for youths and local residents.

While the longest line in both locations were for freshly grilled hamburgers and hot dogs, being manned by the local fire department, it was clear that a camaraderie was being built, restored or strengthening among those who protect and serve and civilians.

Jersey City Councilwoman-at-Large Joyce Watterman called it a “day of communication. Their guard is down, they can relax and really just get to know each other.”

“So this is a day when you really get to know the police department and the police department gets to know the community.

Among the Hudson County officials making their rounds through Hoboken and Jersey City were Hudson County Prosecutor Esther Suarez and Hoboken Freeholder Anthony Romano (D-5).

“Hoboken and even in Jersey City, I think that there’s a special relationship that’s been built over years of trust, even during these turbulent times. Thank God you don’t hear these things that are happening, happening in Hoboken or even in Jersey City,” stated Romano, a retired police captain.

National Night Out is an event where more than 37 million communities come together against crime, to show support for those who protect and service and to strengthen a bond between residents and law enforcement officers.

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