Hoboken GOP asks for no ‘explicit content’ at read-a-thon, Bhalla says none exists


The Hoboken Republican Party is calling for “explicit content” to be removed from tomorrow’s “Banned Books Read-a-Thon” hosted by the public library, though Mayor Ravi Bhalla says none ever existed.

By John Heinis/Hudson County View

“Our concern is that Mayor Bhalla and his administration have not acknowledged the concerns parents have with exposing elementary school aged children to explicit content found in the books listed on the Hoboken Public Library’s table of contents for this event,” Hoboken GOP Chair Joe Branco said in a statement.

“The books showed included graphic sexual acts that regardless of the participants gender identity or sexuality would be considered inappropriate for children, many felt it was just not age-appropriate material. Mayor Bhalla is very focused, as is the Hoboken Republican Party in supporting our LBGTQIA+ community. We feel the content chosen should be reconsidered to be more age appropriate.”

Hoboken has regularly celebrated Pride month with a number of public events for the past decade, though this particular event came under fire after LibsofTikTok, a popular far right Twitter account with 2.2 million followers, tweeted remarks opposing the event on Wednesday, as HCV first reported.

Branco, also the 5th District Republican nominee for Hudson County commissioner, said that the administration too often writes off different points of view that doesn’t align with their own and this is an opportunity to take a different approach.

“We believe in respect and inclusivity. Our concern is that too often, we have an administration that turns community input that challenges their ideas into hateful rhetoric, and that is not leadership,” he added.

In response, Bhalla told HCV that right wing extremists, including Neo-Nazi sympathizers, Proud Boys, and homophobes, have continually spread misinformation about the event and the local Republican party has bought into it.

“ …  These accounts spread the misinformation that children were going to be ‘groomed’ and that pornography was going to be distributed to minors. Nothing could be further from the truth, however the truth does not matter to these far right-wing accounts, and unsurprisingly don’t matter to the party of Donald Trump,” he stated

“Facts matter: as the Hoboken Public Library has stated, no explicit materials will be read or shown to children of any kind, full stop, and only age-appropriate books will be read to respective audiences. The city would never endorse any event where explicit content was provided to children. The adult book with graphics circulated by far-right wing accounts will not be read to children.”

He also called on the Hoboken GOP to focus their energy on working with him and other legislators on critical issues such as ending gun violence, securing women’s reproductive rights, and addressing climate change.

The event, hosted at Church Square Park tomorrow, begins with a “Drag Queen Story Hour” with Harmonica Sunbeam, with the Banned Book Read-a-Thon beginning at 11:30 a.m. and running until about 4 p.m.

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  1. Ravi is hyperventilating with lies and anyone can see the truth in the materials. Tomorrow, Ravi will read about homosexual rabbits in a “child’s” book. Just don’t call Ravi out for what he is. Groomer is as groomer does. The “book” giveaways are pornographic cartoons instruction manuals for sex toes and showing boys performing oral sex. If an adult is caught with this material, that’s child porn and it demands law enforcement and immediate arrest. Make Ravi hand out the book giveaway and send him to a cell where he can think about his craven lies.

    • All parents have the absolute responsibility to protect their children.
      If you have not read or at very least reviewed any material a stranger is exposing them to that is bad parenting.

  2. Thanks Joe Jello Shots… Now you’re a Republican… wait til you fight with them too…. you get kicked out of everything

    • As we approach Juneteenth we should remember that it was the Republican Party that worked to end slavery in the United States. The Democrats were the pro slavery party.

      • Yeah are you giving credit to Hitler for building the Volkswagen so all Germans could afford a car too?

        You’re a out of touch lunatic, you’re trying to restart a party that nobody wants in Hoboken.
        You’re a party of racist haters and anyone on Hoboken who joins it now

      • The modern republican party was formed in the wake of the Civil Rights act of 1964 which caused the dixiecrats to abandon the democratic party permanently and join the republicans. Google “Southern Strategy” boys and girls.

        Republicans dearly hope everyone has forgotten that their party is what it is because of this rejection of civil rights and the ending of Jim Crow. It must suck to go around hoping everyone is ignorant of the facts. But that’s all they got.

  3. This new little gang of Republicans are either tone deaf, brain dead or simply bigots.
    Glad they have so few supporters
    Hate has no home here Maga losers

    • Today, Ravi is going to get his furry on and share his furry love with the public. He’ll go to the Church Sq. Park and amidst all the children revel them with a reading about imaginary homosexual bunnies. Then, he’ll give a hand with the book giveaway, an instruction manual where 11 year old Johnny learns to fellate his older friend.


      Totally normal and NAMBLA endorsed.

  4. It is amusing to listen to politicians parse words remember President Bill Clinton’s now infamous “I did not have sexual relations with that woman Miss Lewinsky…” speech

  5. Who is this little punk Pavel?
    How stupid is he?
    He gets embarrassed in the BOE race followed by Joe Branco not breaking 300 county wide

    Homophobic MAGA has no home here

  6. Looks like those two fat guys on the left are transitioning into Elephants… maybe they should lay off the carbs… they’re giving our kids a bad dietary influence

  7. Hey Joe, my have you fallen since your good old days of riding side saddle to Carmelo Garcia and the HCDO
    Time to banish Branco the Blowhard Not books

    These pigs think they’re getting back at politicians who wouldn’t give them jobs.. now they are an army of 5
    More like a pig farm

  8. What’s more scarier than a clown?
    A trio of them!
    What’s scarier than a trio of clowns?
    A trio of Homophobic half wits to dumb not to know their community.
    Thank God that tall one lost the election for board of education
    He probably just wanted to cut funding to minority kids


  9. The pathetic losers of this whack job faction of Hoboken Republicans has no clue
    They think we are all dumb
    This bozos would have a better chance of selling a prime rib to a vegan than spreading their anti LGBTQIA agenda here in Hoboken

    Sokolov and Branco say they are moderate but then spew this garbage and try to disguise themselves behind a “ concerned parent “ disguise
    Most in that photo don’t have kids and seem creepily fixated on drag

    If these nuts were honest – they’d have more than 6 behind that rag tag banner and elect a honestly conservative head
    Not some charlatan like Branco who goes through friends, neighbors, associates and organizations like water slips through a sewer grate

    • If these obsessed Democratic loons are triggered over some mild criticism imagine if Trump wins back the Presidency ? He did once before when no one said he had a chance just ask Hillary.

    • Don’t worry you’ll see his Idol Branco get obliterated by Romano in the County commissioner race this November.

      The idiots actually think they can get Hudson Progressive Dems to support their Republican Delusion this fall.
      They appear at Democrats evens as revelry as this last week crying because they were T introduced as “ Dignitaries” and “ elected officials”
      Going as far as offering to pay Romano’s ally David Cruz 10,000 to work for their fall race against Dems.
      Dummies don’t know that in politics , consultants don’t change parties.

      Why would anyone commit career suicide for these carpet baggers and mommy&daddy’s house dwellers?

      Save your efforts and banners for Trumps trialS
      Coming to NJ soon- stand outside with the Jan 5th MAGA racists and trash

        • Yet Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dumber of Hoboken Neo-Confederate/Republicans try to cozy up to Congressman Bob Menendez Jr. and other local HCDO leaders for some very creepy reason they lurk around HCDO and Democrats events

          Everybody sees through these radicalized Republicans who seems like Proud Boy MAGA losers

          • Relax Tony, its time to bow out gracefully instead of making a mockery of yourself online, all the while crying about mean anon tweets.

          • Hey Neo Con / Trump loving Joe-Pavel… Sad you cant get free firetrucks and trips any more, perhaps you could ask Moscow

  10. Sad that bigotry and bias has come to Hoboken with this Right Wing version of Republicanism

    Chilling that these guys think Hoboken wants the party of insurrection, Jan 5th, Anti Gay, Jim Crow, Bridge Gate, Watergate, Iran Gate, Public School defunding and racist voter laws in our charming city.

    No room for the Steve Bannons, Stephen Millers and Anne Coulters of Hoboken
    Heck Coulter is liberal in comparison to Hoboken’s new right wing hate group

  11. Is the unloved horse still living in Hoboken?
    Thought he’d be in a homeless shelter after he went around nitriding $50-100 from everyone to buy feed…
    Maybe Trump could give him a job sorting boxes in a old bathroom