Hoboken Councilwoman Fisher endorses Council Pres. Giattino for mayor


While she’s been with her campaign since Day 1, Hoboken Ward 2 Councilwoman Tiffanie Fisher has now formally endorsed Council President Jen Giattino for mayor.Fisher-Giattino

By John Heinis/Hudson County View

“Jen has been my partner on the many issues that required a deeper understanding and financial review – like the 30 year PILOT given to the developer of the ginormous “7th and Jackson” project – Jen and I were the only two dissenting votes,” Fisher began in a statement.

“She shares my view that improper development is the biggest threat to our community. That getting development right for Hoboken requires better financial review to level the playing field in negotiations with developers. And that prioritizing commercial development is critical to curb overcrowding impacts residential development has on traffic, parking and schools and bring much needed commerce and tax revenue to our community.”

Fisher continued that Giattino is not “beholden to any special interests” or votes that are bought and paid for. She also believes Giattino has shown a willingness to change the status quo and experience protecting the quality of life of Hoboken residents.

Fisher, also the chair of the Hoboken Democratic Committee, stood with Giattino, a Republican, when she launched her campaign on June 28th and has since been an instrumental part of her campaign: helping door knock, fundraise and serving as a de facto spokeswoman at times.

5th Ward Councilman Peter Cunningham is another colleague that has been with Giattino from the beginning, but he has not yet issued a formal endorsement for her candidacy.

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