Hoboken Councilman Russo endorses Freeholder Romano for mayor


Hoboken 3rd Ward Councilman Mike Russo endorsed Freeholder Anthony Romano (D-5) for mayor, believing that the candidate “demonstrates tremendous leadership skills.” Russo-Romano

By John Heinis/Hudson County View

“Today’s decision to endorse Anthony Romano for Mayor of Hoboken, along with his slate of council candidates, is the best decision we can make,” Russo said in a statement.

“Anthony demonstrates tremendous leadership skills and I have full confidence in his abilities to be a great Mayor. He has many years in public service (educator, police captain, board of education member and freeholder) and understands how to navigate through the complexities of local government.”

Russo’s endorsement is not a monumental surprise, given that he attended Romano’s most recent fundraiser last week.

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  1. This explains the shocker that Bhalla signs went up in the Mason Media Complex on Hudson last night
    With Russo being the boss of Romano now, Beth needed to buy her own pond, so she and the Obese Shark cut a deal with Bhalla. Bhalla will gladly take her support and cheque.

    Giattino must be putting a major dent in the Bhalla team for him to sekk out to Beth

  2. Remember that time Russo got caught on tape telling informants how to give him bribes? Good times.
    Remember when Stick owned a bar while being a police captain even though it’s against the law?
    Remember when Stick was a multimillionaire and lived in subsidized housing?
    Remember when Stick was Hoboken Freeholder and our taxes got raised every single year?
    Remember when Stick came in into the bar and started telling everyone about how “the negrons” ruined Asbury Park?
    Remember when Stick said, “People came from monkeys? That’s a load of crap!”
    Remember when Stick didn’t drink and would keep a bottle with a vodka label on it filled with water so he could do shots with girls and claim he was drunk?
    Remember when the bar had a constantly rotating staff of young girls who would all quit after a week telling everyone Stick was a slimeball?
    Remember when Stick hit on everyone’s wives and girlfriends?
    Remember when Stick met a woman in the bar, and then later called the woman’s job saying he was from the Hoboken police and when she came to the phone he hit on her?

    But sure, Stick for mayor. Why not? A moron backed by criminals. Why not have our own Trump?