Hoboken’s 6 mayoral candidates square off at Hudson County View debate


All six Hoboken mayoral candidates squared off at debate hosted by Hudson County View at the Mile Square Theatre this morning.


The debate, moderated by HCV’s John Heinis, featured lively discussion on a number of topics including keeping taxes stable, the Suez Water controversy, improving mass transit, the massive influx of campaign cash in this election, among much, much more.

An energetic 1st Ward Councilman Mike DeFusco was ready to embrace combat, taking shots at his council colleagues Jen Giattino and Ravi Bhalla regularly, ensuring his administration would be accessible, progressive and proactive.

Activist Ronald Bautista was consistent in his message to alleviate traffic safety concerns throughout the city, also vowing to making Hoboken a fair and welcoming community.

Additionally, Council President Jen Giattino, one of two Republican candidates seeking the mayor’s seat, took a firm stance on a number of topics such as hiring a second director for the Department of Health and Human Services, given their vast coverage of city services.

In a similar vein, Freeholder Anthony Romano said Hoboken needs a true Department of Public Works and a more proactive relationship with the county to keep the streets clean.

Councilman-at-Large Ravi Bhalla spoke about a number of potential administration initiatives, such as designating an arts district and declaring Hoboken a fair and welcoming community, similar to West New York.

Meanwhile, business owner Karen Nason, the other Republican candidate wasn’t afraid to get her hands dirty, more than willing to scuffle with Giattino and DeFusco over topics such as the Suez Water deal and talking about standing up and fighting for the little guy.

The debate, sponsored by Hoboken business owner Joe Branco, lasted for one hour and 43 minutes and was originally streamed live on our Facebook page.

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  1. Thank you DirtyDawnDealz for the backroom deal with Ravi and destroying Reform in Hoboken.

    For all the good things that went well, you ruined it with a horrible departure beginning with that Washington St. cram down and detonation.

    Hopefully the one Reform candidate, City Council Jen Giattino can bring back the the spirit that’s been killed in this town.

    • Can you explain what this reform thing is that Mayor Zimmer destroyed by endorsing Ravi? In your explanation please explain how many people are included in the group and how they are chosen. Please explain how this group chose Jen as it’s candidate and why that was a more transparent and more democratic process than the mayor choosing to endorse the candidate she thought was best for Hoboken. In your answer please include an explanation as to who you think should make
      the decision as to who the mayor should endorse and the proper role of the mayor in the making of that decision. Also describe the room in which Cunningham and Fisher decided to support Jen. Was it a front room or a back room? Were just the three of them there or was all of “reform present?” Was Michael Lenz there? Was Kurt Gardiner? Who decided which “reformers” were the “deciders” for the “reform” club? In the interest of transparency don’t you feel this information should be publicly disclosed?

  2. Some wild conspiracy theories being served up on one of the blogs about Bhalla being served text messages at the forum.

    Speaking of which, any truth to the rumor that said blogger just got served another lawsuit?

  3. Boy, Ravi couldn’t stop looking at his phone! Messages from Antifa and George Soros coming in from the far left!
    Open the flood gates to a “Mile Square Sanctuary City” Lets forget affordable housing for Hoboknites and let Ravi give it to illegals….

  4. DeFusco say he is not an old school political hack yet his campaign is being run by the exact same bunch of old school political hacks who were behind crooked mayor Cammarano. Oh and the there is Hudson County political boss Mayor Sacco backing him.

    • Too bad Ravi is running to be the Shadow’s 3rd term.
      Ravi is being backed by Ras Baraka, the Mayor of East Orange ( slum ) and many other dump cities… Guess we know what his vision will be… Sanctuary Craphola

  5. How pathetic is Jen? Undecided about the governor’s race? Just own it already.

    Heck, I’m pretty blue liberal and even I’m intrigued by some of Guadagno’s fiscal thoughts. I can’t get over the Christie stink though.

    Does Jen actually stand for anything? Just #anybodybutbhalla?

  6. Ring Ring…Ravi, you missed thanking Dawn about 6 times during the debate, for that you will need more training tonight!
    Read your phone next time and don’t mess up…got it?

    • Hey Phony, Joe Branco wants a board appointment, why don’t you lobby for him and go sign up to speak for him before hightailing it out of town? While you’re at it, go tell the Zoning Board you don’t have any skin in the game on an application — who cares whether or not it’s true?