Hoboken Councilman Cohen endorses ‘Leadership that Listens’ team in BOE race


Hoboken 5th Ward Councilman Phil Cohen is endorsing the “Leadership that Listens” team in the board of education race, stating “they have integrity, care deeply about our schools, and will strive to keep partisan politics off the school board.”

Photo courtesy of Hoboken 5th Ward Councilman Phil Cohen.

By John Heinis/Hudson County View

“I know Leslie [Norwood], Antonio [Graña], and Alex [De La Torre] well — each has lived in town at least 15 years. I know first-hand they have integrity, care deeply about our schools, and will strive to keep partisan politics off the school board,” he said in an email blast this morning.

“The Leadership That Listens team is the only BOE slate with all three candidates’ kids enrolled in our district schools. Leslie, Antonio, and Alex and — importantly — fully support our outstanding Superintendent of Schools, Dr. Christine Johnson.”

He also claimed that they won’t support the same $241 million referendum plan that failed in January, as well as taking aim at their chief opposition, the “Kids First” team, for getting endorsed by the New Jersey Project – “the radical far-right group fighting culture wars statewide.”

“I enthusiastically support the entire Leadership that Listens slate — already endorsed by a number of district parents throughout Hoboken including district leaders at the forefront of the Board of Education’s reform over a decade ago who remain fully engaged,” Cohen also said.

Cohen is the second council member to formally endorse the LTL slate, with Councilman-at-Large Joe Quintero doing so in a letter to the editor yesterday.

The non-partisan board of education race is on November 8th, where eight candidates are seeking three, three-year terms on the board.

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  1. Hey looks like the same council people who endorsed the 330 failed referendum are endorsing the slate that pushed the referendum. No one is bringing up partisanship except the lt liars. One year left till Phil’s kicked out of office anyway. Didn’t he just sign that he wasn’t endorsing

  2. Thanks for the article I will only be voting for Kids First. The group he is endorsing is pretty violent… Knocking down signs ripping stuff up… I don’t want them in the school district anymore

  3. Now the whole Bhalla team has endorsed LTL but not Ravi! That’s not exactly leadership but I guess after getting burned on the bond Bhalla is waiting to see which way the wind is blowing. At least Phil has the balls to take a politically problematic stand for what he believes. Unless of course he’s just a toady following orders from boss Bhalla.

  4. Look it is Councilman Phil Cohen and the people who sent out that disgusting political hate mail.

    Remember the infamous racist political mailer that was used to attack DeFusco when he ran against Bhalla. Now another dishonest vicious flyer was sent out against the school board candidates that oppose the ones Bhalla approved. Sad to see they are trying to bring that some have decide to put trying to win an election over over truth and is willing to drag Hoboken back into the dirty amoral politics of the past.

    Do you want your children’s education being controlled by people who would produce that kind of divisive campaign literature to get into office ?

  5. Leaders That Listens are the same crew that tried to pull a fast one on Hoboken taxpayers by sneaking through their $300 million referendum in the dead of winter. They’re also the ones who engaged in the nastiest, most divisive campaign in recent memory against those who opposed their boondoggle. Now they’re back, meaner and nastier than ever.

    We will refresh everyone’s memory of who they really are, drip-by-drip, until election day.

    • Verbatim from DINO Tiff’s latest screed… funny, cause she wears a mask to Council meetings to protect HERSELF, but doesn’t want CHILDREN to protect themselves!

      Tiff wrote:

      “Before you continue, let me first ask you – how many of you reading this had children in school during the pandemic? How did you feel about your children wearing masks on day one? How about in year two? And by year 3 leading into this school year? If you at any time felt you didn’t want your children to wear masks, then LTL basically is saying you were wrong.”

    • Tiff, an HCV reader, hasn’t said “boo” about the voluminous spurious, personal attacks on LTL candidates and their FAMILIES posted on HCV. Written by “bullies”? Yes, by Tiff’s definition. Were was she, then? *crickets*

      Difference from HCV sh*t posts: the flier is FACTUAL.

      Lesson for GIANT crying babies: if you can’t take the heat, get out of the kitchen.

  6. Someone doesnt get the ethnic cleansing high school campus they want for when their 10 year old is ready for High School and the LTL crew goes full on KAREN

  7. His intolerance and hate for anyone who disagrees with him shows volumes about his lack of character. Phil has to go, he spends more time kissing ass instead of representing his ward. News flash Phil, more people voted against the LTL 300 mil hs in ward 5 than voted for you.

  8. At what point does even more and higher taxes push you out of Hoboken?

    At what point will Hoboken be home only for the very wealthy and the subsidized poor?

    At what point will those who say are listening actually hear what Hoboken said loud in clear in January’s vote.

  9. Why didn’t Phil send his daughters to public school?
    Heck, did they even go to any school in NJ
    Or did he send them to NYC like his mentor Beth Mason did with hers?