Hoboken 2nd Ward Councilwoman Fisher kicks off re-election bid at Urban CoalHouse


Hoboken 2nd Ward Councilwoman Tiffanie Fisher formally kicked off her re-election bid at the Urban CoalHouse last night, drawing support from a few dozen supporters and three of her elected colleagues.

“She found out how this city actually works because she spends so much time studying the zoning book, studying the ins and outs of our laws, and this is the councilperson that ran eight years ago on a platform of inclusion – inclusion for everybody,” exclaimed 1st Ward Councilman Mike DeFusco, who ran on then-Mayor Dawn Zimmer’s ticket with Fisher in 2015.

“More voices matter and that could never be more important than today when we have a divided political system, a system where voices are becoming less important, where elected officials are becoming more important. But, elected officials that listen to you, listen to you, reflect your voices, and make sure that they’re heard every week at the city council and City Hall.”

4th Ward Councilman Ruben Ramos thanked DeFusco for his service since he won’t be running in the non-partisan November 7th races before explaining that he and Fisher didn’t know each other back in 2016, the first year she was on the council.

He recalled that at the time, he was fighting to have a bike lane on Jackson Street removed and that Fisher asked if they could take a look at it together, which they ultimately did and she ended up supporting the cause even though it wasn’t in her ward.

“We walked and looked at it together, and the next council meeting, Tiffanie Fisher had my back. We went from not knowing each other to having each other’s backs,” he said, indicating that this council needs independent voices that can evaluate situations on a case by case basis.

6th Ward Councilwoman Jen Giattino heaped praise on her good friend, calling her “fearless,” “courageous,” “fair,” “honest,” and “an amazing woman” who is not afraid to roll up her sleeves and get her hands dirty for the greater good in Hoboken.

Fisher explained that she has tried to bring a voice of inclusion and collaboration to the council, supporting pedestrian safety upgrades, upgrading the housing authority, getting the $176 million Hoboken Terminal project off he ground, and aiming to solve housing insecurity issues.

She also said this upcoming election is critical since it will be the difference of Mayor Ravi Bhalla having a greater majority on the council or not.

“This is a really important election. This is an election where Hoboken’s democracy is actually at risk, right? I’m constantly battling this administration for more transparency on every issue and if we lose seats on the city council, we actually are gonna lose that transparency forever,” Fisher claimed.

“So whoever you’re talking to, make transparency an issue in this election, whatever ward you’re in, demand it from every single council person, and make sure that we have the right city council that wants to work together and will always put Hoboken first and Hoboken always.”

Fisher currently has a declared challenger in Marla Decker, an attorney that has the support of Team Bhalla, who has a campaign launch scheduled for next month.

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  1. I see 3 failed mayoral candidates endorsing a 4th future-failed mayoral candidate, united by bitterness. If Fisher loses then Democracy is at risk? Boy, that ego oughta set sail or at least float down the Hudson and out to sea. In fact, Democracy is not at risk when every vote is counted, and the will of the voters prevail. It is possible that a majority of voters in Fisher’s ward will decide to cut her loose and vote for Marla Decker or another candidate. Imagine that. That’s Democracy.

    • Funny, I simply see it as three independent council members supporting a third, in an attempt to create greater transparency and accountability in our local government. I fear that if Ravi’s hand-picked candidates win their respective races, every initiative taken by our mayor, regardless of its impact on our quality of life, will be rubber-stamped. We need some honest, independent voices on the council who truly represent their constituents and want to make decisions for the good of the city rather than to advance their own personal and political agendas.

    • Don’t trust Ravi at all. He’s a lowbrow moneybags loving pol. He’s the absolute worst and he tried to impose a $300 fine on people stepping outside their door who didn’t wear a useless face diaper.

      To make it even worse, Ravi told residents and their children to not associate with people who did not take the failed, dangerous clot shot. He did that multiple times which turning Hoboken into a mini Nazi Germany.

      Why give Team Terror Flier full control over Hoboken? It hurts this town and would only compound it worse.

  2. And let’s not forget that what Team Bhalla is trying to do is simply not working; taxes are up, congestion is awful, the City is getting sued all over the place, payroll is bloated. Why elect more of the same? We need council people who are willing to challenge a failed status quo.

    • Re: reading the “hateful comments”…

      Um, one comment on this thread is critical of Candidate Fisher’s hyperbolic “Democracy is dead unless you vote for me.” One. The other 5 commenters have their lips firmly attached to Ms Fisher’s bottom. Moreover the comment is not hateful, but I guess any kind of dissent looks hateful when you’re a fascist “my way or the highway” narcissist.

      Let the voters decide!

  3. I’ll consider voting for her if she takes writing lessons or hires an editor to turn her babbling 20,000-word emails of drivel into something readable.