Hoboken Councilman-at-Large Quintero endorsing Mayor Bhalla for Congress


Hoboken Councilman-at-Large Joe Quintero is endorsing Mayor Ravi Bhalla for Congress in the 8th District, which comes shortly after 4th Ward Councilman Ruben Ramos backed incumbent Rep. Rob Menendez.

Facebook photo.

By John Heinis/HudsonCounty

“Having worked closely with Mayor Bhalla over the past few years, I know first-hand what an effective mayor and exceptional leader he is–the kind of public official we need more of in Congress. He has made Hoboken a national model for curbing climate change and pedestrian safety,” Quintero, who ran with Bhalla in 2021, said in a statement.

“Ravi is also proactively taking on the challenge of affordable housing, upgrading existing homes and ensuring the construction of hundreds of new units … In Congress, we can count on Ravi to stand up for women’s reproductive rights, work to protect and strengthen our democracy, and to speak out against the rising tide of hatred and racism that is plaguing our nation. I enthusiastically back his candidacy.”

Quintero is one of Bhalla’s four allies on the nine-member city council as he was also the first elected official to indicate he would support the Mile Square City mayor if he ran for Congress back in September when the idea first began being floated.

He also briefly appeared in Bhalla’s campaign launch video when he made his candidacy official in December.

“I am pleased to have Councilman Joe Quintero’s endorsement. Joe is a dynamic young leader who is building an impressive record of his own on the City Council. He will now bring that same dedication, energy and drive to my Congressional campaign,” Bhalla stated.

The filing deadline is today and candidates for Congress throughout New Jersey need 200 valid signatures, and in a subsequent statement, Bhalla indicated that he’s submitted 1,244 signatures to the New Jersey Secretary of State’s Office.

“My campaign engaged Democratic primary voters throughout the 8th district in our petition-gathering effort, using it as an opportunity to have conversations at residents’ doors and in strategic locations,” he added.

“Voters were excited to hear that they will have a real choice in the Congressional primary, as well as highly responsive to my priorities: fighting a national abortion ban, protecting and strengthening our democracy, and working to curb the cost of living.”

Menendez and a third potential Democratic candidate, Kyle Jasey, have not announced how many petitions they have submitted yet for the June 4th primary race.

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  1. Because anyone cares what the 1 term councilman has to say.

    How did that those false allegations against an innocent senior citizen work out for you Joe?

  2. This is REALLY big because Mr. Quentero is Hispanic and Hispanics throughout the 8th district were waiting breathlessly to hear who he was supporting. If Menendez is smart he’ll follow Murphy’s lead and drop out before the big Cohen and Jabbour endorsements drop.

  3. Any surprise here that Ravi’s lapdog, Joe Clueless Quintero, endorsed him? Has this guy had one independent thought, vote, or idea though since he joined the city council?