Hoboken Councilman-at-Large Bhalla’s mayoral team files 2,796 petitions


Hoboken Councilman-at-Large Ravi Bhalla’s mayoral ticket filed a combined 2,796 petitions for nomination with the city clerk’s office before today’s deadline. Team Bhalla

By John Heinis/Hudson County View

“We engaged voters throughout the City in our petition-gathering effort, using it as an opportunity to have thousands of conversations at residents’ doors and in strategic locations,” Bhalla said in a statement.

“Voters were responsive to our plans for fixing our aging infrastructure, comprehensively addressing our flooding problem, holding the line on taxes, and building on the successes of the Zimmer Administration. Between now and election day, we will continue and step-up our active grassroots campaigning, assisted by dedicated volunteers.”

Bhalla himself accounted for 1,004 of the 2,796 petitions.

Today was the filing deadline for the November 7th Hoboken municipal elections, with all of the expected candidates submitting petitions in time: Council President Jen Giattino, 1st Ward Councilman Mike DeFusco, Freeholder Anthony Romano (D-5), business owner Karen Nason and activist Ronald Bautista.

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  1. Nancy seems to be as crazed about Ravi as Lane was for Beth- coo coo for bhalla puffs?
    She’s making Hate411 look like mild- totally unhinged for Bhalla -wonder if she’ll snap a few candid photos of innocent Jen supporters with her Motorola flip-phone?

      • Still pushing lies about the Suez contract? Surely, you know about the unpaid millions in red ink accumulating with the water company Suez, right Nancy.

        Are you going to pretend you don’t know? Are they making a fool of you what’s coming out on the proposed Suez contract or are you a willing accomplice deceiving the public?

        You are trying to steer Hoboken residents into joining you in attacking the council members who are seeking transparency and disclosure on the millions in red ink. That’s very Hoboken411 of you.

        That’s not good government Nancy and lying to Hoboken residents in an attempt to deceive them so they’ll vote for Ravi Bhalla is just plain wrong.

        It’s the worst kind of propaganda. Shame on you!!

        • Are you going to cry now like a baby because someone dared to disagree and tell the truth in the face of your lies?

          The Suez water contract by Zimmer-Bhalla is a scam. There’s a four year unpaid debt of $8.3 million!!

          You’re only wrong with $8.3 million eggs on your face Nancy!

          The new deal is not much better than the previous water contract. It is a ripoff!

          There’s been a four year cover-up!
          Who covered this up for four years?!

          Now you go learn the facts!
          You were warned but insisted on being a Bonkers for Bhalla blathering moron.

          Enjoy the taste Nancy!

          • You’re such a dumbass. I’ve been writing about the $8.35M liability for days. You should read before you take shots, dope. The miserable existing contract has a cap of $350K/year. Do you think that amount covers maintenance and repair for a 100-year water system in Hoboken that breaks a dozen times a year? No. The $8.35M is unbilled overage for years of maintenance and repair. DUH. Nothing nefarious, dimbulb! You are absolutely psychotic. Get a girlfriend for G-d’s sake! I never saw someone who needed to get la*d so badly!

          • Unbilled overage? How is that accounted for in the city’s books?

            Oh, it doesn’t appear anywhere and no one can show where it’s been published according to law.

            That’s not how you tend to any billed or unbilled charges since 2014.

            It’s called a coverup you dumbass.

  2. Look, they’re helping each other pack up and move onto the next town already – c’mon guys the BOE in Bergen county is calling. There’s gold in them thar hills John!

  3. Here are the counts if you assume that Team are petitioning to the same residents, ie the same persons support the entire team. For ex w Romano if each person signed his as well as each member of his team then 1000 petitioned the entire team. Furthermore, if you consider the same team petitioning effect, ie that any excess counts are attributable to the same petitioners then the counts are actually :
    Romano 2000
    Bhalla 1700
    Defusco 1080
    Giattino 850

  4. Similarly, if we assume no overlaps in signatures, that all petitioners signed for only one member of the team the counts are 3000 3000 2000 1600 for Romano, Bhalla, Defusco and Giattino respectively.

    This is a best case scenario of counts but the likelihood of independence of petitioners is not high – especially since candidates have urged petitioners to sign petitions for the entire slate.

  5. “Hey Ravi, this box is full of Thank you notes from me for letting me run on your ticket… my 3.6 mil and your 3.6 mil in public contracts will get along fine”


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    Like rama lamma lamma ka dinga da dinga dong
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    We’ll always be like one, wa wa wa one

  6. Wow, the lies by Bhalla keep on commin’
    Now the timeline of when he knew Dawn was stepping down and that she asked him to run in her stead is “all a blur” watch the interviewer’s face when he gives that bogus answer.
    The last thing anyone wants is a Mayor or an attorney with such a poor memory.

    Once again Bhalla justifies that ” I don’t know there’s something about Ravi I don’t trust” problem he’s that’s haunted him for years.

  7. Hey Ravi, these DeFusco douchefuscos harass you cause Douchefusco’s way back in the rear view mirror…. wayyyyyyy back. .He’s a blip!!! Ha ha ha ha!!!!