Hoboken Council Pres. Giattino to host ‘Lights for Liberty’ to protest human detention camps


Hoboken Council President Jen Giattino is hosting a “Lights for Liberty” vigil next week to speak out against human detention camps throughout the country.

By John Heinis/Hudson County View

“The detention of immigrants, refugees and families is an inhumane practice that strips individuals of their basic rights,” Giattino said in a statement.

“Together, we as a city we will take a stand for democracy and work toward putting an end to these intolerable conditions. I invite all of Hoboken to join us to show their support for those who are detained and suffering behind bars across our country.”

The candlelight vigil will be held at Church Square Park, located 499 Willow Ave., on Friday, July 12th from 7 p.m. to 9 p.m.

Thousands of people are expected to participate in similar events in their communities and outside detention centers to call for an end to human detention on the same day.

Legislators across the country are calling for border reforms, particularly after the U.S. Office of the Inspector General released a report on Tuesday described dangerous condition that called the facilities “a ticking time bomb.”

According to USA Today, President Donald Trump has said the facilities are “beautifully run” and blamed overcrowding at the facilities on Democrats in Congress.

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    • These are the lies below the level of Hate411 guys. No one bashes “immigrants” codeword for unlimited imported replacement voters. It’s far worse than buying votes.

      Can you give your hate fanaticism for Ravi Bhalla a rest? Go work on another human turd, Nazi graphic or terror flier. You know, something you can get paid for by Ravi over on your sewer website. Gross.

        • As the US Attorney for NJ stated in the Rai voter fraud case, any illegal action taken to cancel out a citizen’s vote is the lowest form of attack on our Constitution. No matter if it is paying people in subsidized housing or the promotion of human trafficking, the classic debasement of American’s right to vote is of course exactly what you and Ravi Bhalla seek to do. They are equally disgusting as Ravi’s praise of Frank Raia. Utterly gross.

    • No amount of pandering will change the fact that Ravi ran for mayor as promising to do his job FULL TIME and then registered with a Republican law firm fora SECOND full time referral side hustle.

      • Very true, Ravi Bhalla broke that promise right out of the gate. Boy, the mayor’s office and Ravi’s paid political operatives are angry. Okay, maybe they are angrier because they said this wouldn’t happen and that Peter, Jen and Tiffanie wouldn’t run because they were afraid of how scummy they would be. Well, guess not. Start cranking out Ravi Terror Flier II.

    • Why are Hoboken taxpayers made to pay for Ravi Bhalla’s operatives to do this “work” on the public’s time out of the mayor’s office here? Dawn Zimmer would never approve of Veejay doing this!

  1. I’ll be there. I don’t think this is any different than the events held to stop gun violence, which I attended one of and is another issue that impacts the country, not just Hoboken. I’m a democrat and I voted for Jen for Mayor. I think she would have been better for Hoboken than Ravi. I don’t like him very much. Some of his emails offend me.

    Local politics in Hoboken are very strange.

    • You may not LIKE it, but how many referrals and how much $ has the of counsel gig gotten Bhalla? No corruption there. The council is allegedly monitoring his passive revenue stream. Well, where is the CORRUPTION?
      Speaking of political corruption, Jen’s in a coalition of vbm harvesters and pay to players, Jen is on the record taking a gift of legal services from Nick Sacco. One could make a credible argument that she’s in the tank with corrupt politicians.

      Most importantly: Ravi is not on the ballot. Jen is. The ballot is a public referendum on the incumbent ward council members, not the mayor.

      • Oh, don’t kid yourself. This ballot IS a referendum on the mayor. Do we want a bunch of mindless “yeses” for whatever crap the mayor tries to pull or do we want some checks and balances on this 2-job mayor?

        PS: Jen is one of a very few politicians NOT tainted by VBM like Dawn and/or love of the Raia asset to Hoboken like Ravi.

        Try as you may to change the facts, Ravi’s slate is a bunch of people with zero record except for Cohen, whose record is one of not ever meeting a variance request that he didn’t like.

        • See my latest Premium Compost where I tear the lid off of vote buying but magically avoid mentioning persons of interest Ramos and Defusco. Even when Defusco used Raia and chief money lauderer Yacco when running for mayor. Don’t worry, to offset not covering obvious facts about current council members, I’ll say Ravi-Russo a dozen times and repeat my favorite accusations about the flyer. It’s what my reader has come to expect. I make sure she gets it.

          • Why are they persons of interest and not the person who was like Raia, the central bank and controller for VBMsin 2015? Funny, you fail to mention the most OBVIOUS candidate as a person of interest. Is it because you, Russo and Ravi all flop around in the same bed together? You don’t get anyone’s issue and no one will talk to you Nancy. Figure that one out.

          • Russo is obvious. He paid 200 workers while running unopposed. He’s toast. But so are Ramos and Defusco. But you can’t mention them because you too are obvious. Namely you are an obvious shill for a selected group vote buyers. The vote buyers that Tiffany and Jenn and most importantly your machine boss Nick Sacco support.

    • I’m a Dem who voted for Bhalla. Sorry, not buying the flip flopping from GOP delegate for Romney in 2012 at the Repub convention and Kasich almost delegate in 2016 to Democrat, nor the flip-flopping from Reform to Ramos. Lot of flip flopping. Bhalla is doing a great job in a divided city that is hard to govern. Like Dawn, don’t agree 100% with everything but he is a real Dem, not a flip flopper.

      • Will Nancy buy that Ravi & Russo are best buds and Ravi brought in the King of Corruption, Anthony Russo into the mayor’s office as job one when he took the mayor’s seat with that disgusting terror flier? She not only bought it; she swallowed it wants more.

    • Before she became a total phony, Jen opposed Beth Mason’s grandstanding assault weapons ban. She’s learned how to play the game of empty gestures.

      • Speaking of Mason, Like Beth, Ravi has now formed a bind with Hospital Killers Castellano and Russo. He even deploys a vicious blogger who mocks peoples appearances, homes and families.

  2. Note, Jen’s alt-right blogger friend is not publishing news of this pro-immigrant event. He must feel so betrayed. Jen is either a phony or a flip flopper or both. I believe she is both.

  3. Ravi has now formed a bind with Hospital Killers Castellano and Russo. He even deploys a vicious blogger to spin Russo and Castellano into reformers with a Russo pal and payroll candidate

  4. What I’d like to know what is the reason for the mayor and his people scheduling a competing event to the councilwoman’s Lights of Liberty event? Looks like the mayor and emily are going out of their way to not attend the originally scheduled event.

    That shows me that it’s the mayor and his group refusing to work with the council, not the other way around.