Hoboken Council Pres. Giattino hosts first mayoral campaign fundraiser


Hoboken Council President Jen Giattino hosted her first mayoral campaign fundraiser at Moran’s pub last night, talking about her goals for the Mile Square City and setting the record straight by stating she did not vote for President Donald Trump.


The event, which had around 100 supporters in attendance, began with 5th Ward Councilman Peter Cunningham explaining why he felt Giattino was the best pick for the next mayor of the Mile Square City.

“One of the most distinctive difference you’ll see in this candidate, versus everybody else that’s running, is really the constituent service aspect of this candidate and what she’s been able to achieve in not only getting to know the constituents of the 6th Ward, but also of the entire city,” said Cunningham.

“And I think that that’s gonna be important in this election.”

2nd Ward Councilwoman Tiffanie Fisher, also the city Democratic committee chair, took a shot at the Mayor Dawn Zimmer administration: stating that “everything relating to math” is not one of their strengths.

“I can tell you that she’s really been my partner on a number of issues that I really feel like our current administration has fallen short on. Things like … everything relating to math is not a strength of our current administration, let’s put it that way,” Fisher said with a smile.

During her speech, Giattino said if elected mayor she plans to cater to all demographics, fix quality of life issues and complete a new Master Plan.

“I am running for mayor because I love Hoboken. I am all about Hoboken and the people of Hoboken – newcomers, oldcomers and people who’ve been here for generations. I will be mayor for everyone: black, white, brown and every shade in between,” stated Giattino.

“People of every faith or no faith, people of ample means or limited means, people of all sexual preferences, and even Democrats, Republicans, and everybody else,” Giattino, the only Republican currently running in the non-partisan race, said to some laughter.

Speaking one-on-one with Hudson County View, the mayoral candidate said she has “the unique ability to reach across all bounds,” adding that the notion that a Republican cannot run the city is simply campaign fodder.

“Just so everyone knows, I feel very strongly that when you go in to vote, there’s a curtain there for a reason, but if it makes everyone happy, to know how I voted: I did not vote for Donald Trump,” Giattino explained.

“I have shown that I can work with anyone. I’ve only every worked with Democrats, everyone on the council is a Democrat: out of my six years on the council, the Democrats elected me, the Republican, 50 percent of the time.”

Other officials in attendance included Councilman-at-Large David Mello, North Hudson Sewerage Authority Commissioner/council candidate Kurt Gardiner, Hoboken Housing Authority Chair David Denning, former HHA Chair Dana Wefer

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  1. The “bad math” shot at the Zimmer administration isnt fair. For someone who is bad in “math” she inherited an $11.4M budget deficit, and made the hard choices to balance the budget, keep municipal taxes down, and and raise the city’s bond rating to AA+. If that’s “bad math” keep it up! Tiffanie’s only had 2 years on the council, so prob is bad in “history”.

  2. If you check Jen Giattino’s elect reports as of July-1 she has raised $264 for this Mayoral election. I hope they use some math to figure out how much a serious mayoral campaign costs and raise some money.