Hoboken City Council approves $4.4 million Boathouse Cove Design


The Hoboken City Council unanimously approved the $4.4 million Boathouse Cove Design by Marvel Architects, which would be located at 1600 Park and Hoboken Cove. The design is a bi-level concept that incorporates the ReBuild By Design resist strategy.


There were mixed opinions from the residents who spoke at the council meeting.

“You have $4.4 million for something you don’t really need. There’s other things you need right now,” stated Hoboken resident Anthony Soares. “We could put that money towards the (9/11) memorial.”

Leah Healey, a long time Hoboken resident, supported the concept and said it would wonders for the sense of community in the north, south, and west of Hoboken.

Currently, 1M of the needed funds are already secured. According to Brandy Forbes, the Director of Community Development, $500,000 has been allocated from the Hudson County Open Space Trust Fund.

Both 1st Ward Councilwoman Theresa Castellano and 3rd Ward Councilman Russo were both concerned about the tax burden on the town.

Only after Forbes explained that the resolution was not about funding the project but rather just conceptually approving the design, did the council begin to accept it.

“By no means does this resolution say that it must be funded, what it is saying is that yes we support this conceptually,” explained Forbes.

In order to proceed with applications for additional grants, the council must first accept the design.

“We could provide a failsafe within these ordinances and resolutions where if in fact we don’t get these grant funds that we anticipate, that the project gets put on hold?” claimed Russo.

4th Ward Councilman Timothy Occhipinti also added that if in fact they do not find the additional funds for the Boathouse Cove project there is land that is currently fenced off that can be used for public parks and encouraged Forbes to look into this opportunity.

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