Hoboken 5th Ward Councilman Cunningham endorses Crowell to succeed him


Hoboken 5th Ward Councilman Peter Cunningham has endorsed Tim Crowell in the three-way contest to succeed him, exclaiming that he is the most “independent, ethical and professional” candidate in the race.

Tim Crowell. Photo via Twitter.

By John Heinis/Hudson County View

“There are three candidates in the race, and he is by far the most independent, ethical and professional of the three. Tim is an experienced professional, married with two kids at the Brandt Public School,” Cunningham wrote in a mass email sent this morning.

“He’s an independent thinker with a financial/real estate background and no political experience. He’s given back to the communities where he lives and works and has what I believe to have very high ethical standards. I like his no-nonsense practical approach to all matters affecting the 5th Ward and the City of Hoboken.”

Cunningham also noted that he is not in favor of a council that will “rubber stamp” Mayor Ravi Bhalla’s agenda, noting that they votes should be thoughtfully decided on a case by case basis.

In what many considered a surprise announcement, Cunningham revealed in July that he would not be seeking re-election, which at the time made attorney Phil Cohen, running on Mayor Ravi Bhalla’s five-person slate, a heavy favorite.

However, since then the race has turned into a three-way dance, with Nicola Maganuco and Crowell entering the fray.

As HCV has previously reported, only the 5th and 6th Ward races have more than two candidates seeking office, therefore they are the only possibilities for a December runoff – which would be a first in the Mile Square City.

The Hoboken municipal elections are on November 5th.

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  1. Its not going to happen, but good god – a city council that acts as a rubber stamp for Ravi is terrifying.

    Phil will probably get this one, and the 1st ward is a quagmire, I don’t see the other cast of characters coming close. Phew.

        • Commenter PeterAnoints is teasing Peter. here’s the background: jen, tiff and peter had a sad when zimmer endorsed bhalla as the best choice to replace her as mayor instead of one of them. their minions cried in their soup for about two years and continually kept accusing zimmer of “anointing” bhalla. hence Jen, tiff and Peter leaving reform and siding with Ramos/defusco (to the point of using the same high-priced PR firm).

          it’s all very childish, but voters have come to expect that from jen, tiff and Peter.

  2. Good, we should have real choices. Unfortunately not so many people know the candidates in this race due to fewer media sources to report (I’m glad hudsoncountyview is there but wish you had more support). I hope people educate themselves soon.

  3. This guy looks by far and a way the best choice for the 5th ward. Nick is too green and Phil is too pro-development for me. I’m also concerned that Ravi’s entire slate is telegraphing that they will be rubber stamps for the mayor without any critical thinking involved.

      • Developer Pupie likey Mikey sooooooo much he gave him $9,500.00+.

        Mikey likey Pupie sooooo much he made him part of the inner circle of his campaign.

        Sure when Pupie got convicted on multiple counts on voter fraud that was sort of embarrassing.

        Then there was that 13 story development project on the JC border that will snarl traffic in and out of the town by a highly politically connected Hoboken developer that Mikey likey soooo much he went to JC to to push for it. Mikey likey rich developers and their huge edifices/

  4. The key here is that he is an independent thinker!! Check out his website. Being an artist myself, his website is very artistically created, but most importantly of all, it has a LOT of copy explaining who Tim Crowell is and the issues Hoboken is facing. There is not just ‘one’ sentence ideas without stating the specifics!! Using blues as the dominate color for his campaign is peaceful and calming. Hoboken needs calm during this upcoming election season! I am dreading all the fighting that will only intensify as the election date gets nearer.

    Tim mentions that he had an analytical father and compassionate mother. These are two great qualities to have experienced from parents. I personally try to approach everything rationally and analytically myself and love the idea that he had a background stressing thinking things through with logic. Everything is different about him and that is refreshing for a candidate in Hoboken!!!

    My favorite words on his website: “. . .stop resorting to lawsuits to solve problems that could be solved with a phone call.” I agree!! The numerous lawsuits the city is currently involved in is mind-boggling and a complete waste of money that just raises our already high taxes!!

    I wish him well and am grateful he is running in my ward!!

  5. So many Tim fans!! They’re coming out of the wood work!! Not coordinated at all!! Not the same person, actually all different people!! They just happen to all be saying very slight variations on the same thing!! This is gonna be awesome, go Tim!!!!

  6. What’s bad about being a “rubber stamp” for Ravi? City Council members can accomplish very little on their own. Hoboken needs a council that will work with the mayor. Not against him. Cunningham really lost his way at the end. Hard pass on Tim and all of the incumbents.

    • Charles,
      If the mayor is going down the wrong path, one MUST work against him. We have a mayor that works on the premise, “It is my way, or the highway.” That is what has been wrong with the city councils all these years–they follow along like puppy dogs, not thinking for themselves and then the residents have to live with the consequences of their stupid lemming-like actions. Then they come back and say, “I did not realize . . .,” “If I had to do it over again . . . ” I have heard enough council members say those words at the meetings. What we need are independent thinkers!!!!! NO RUBBER STAMPS for a mayor that got into office with so very few votes in his election. Thankfully we have runoffs once again so that will not happen in the next mayoral election.

    • Seriously Charles? You want to give Ravi 2 years of a rubber stamp and don’t see anything wrong with it? Ravi and crew haven’t a clue what they are doing – they are trying to use Hoboken as stepping stone for the next job, using Hoboken as a patronage mill, are constantly misleading the public on things, waste resources on frivolous things, play political games with city council and city employees, have mismanaged and misled the public on infrastructure projects, burned through piles of cash, misled eveyone about his ‘part-time job’, bloated the mayoral staff to absurd levels, nearly got himself disbarred and didn’t even acknowledge wrongdoing (!!!), was embarrassingly on the wrong side of history of the Crowley/AOC election, named a slate candidates for city council none of whom have any relevant experience (other than 1) – and you think he should have MORE power? He needs checks and balances and needs to be voted out as fast as possible. Right now he is laughing stock.

      He got elected with 34% of the vote; if there were a mayoral election this year he woulddn’t get 10%. Hoboken can do so much better.

      • Bottom line Bhalla won.

        The percentage of that win has nothing to do with any higher motive it is just a ploy being used to launch into another on of their ultra partisan political attacks.

        • He won. Just remember 66% of people voted for someone else. 2/3rds of voters DIDNT want him. He just doesn’t have the support of the people, and has only taken actions to erode that 34% he did get.

      • What “next job” are Jim and Emily trying to get? Be specific.

        Also if Bhalla is at 10% approval, why are you so afraid and lobbing personal attacks at everyone?

        • As noted, I don’t want to see Ravi get a rubber stamp. Ravi is compromised and has done a poor job for the reasons I noted. None of this is personal. I want a check and balance on a mayoral office who’s performance leaves much to be desired.

          Hoboken has to be able produce worthy candidates with relevant experience who are not conflicted and can capably handle the job. Right now, we don’t have that. That includes those who are running and most who are in office.

      • Auditor,

        Very, very well said INDEED!!!!!!! I like the, “He needs checks and balances and needs to be voted out as fast as possible” line the best!!

        Great post!! Thanks for writing it so succinct and right on the money, covering it all!!

    • Corrupt Anthony Russo used to use that line ” Mayor needs a council he can work with ”

      That lead to two ABC commissioners blackmailing bars and going to Jail.
      His Wife said to have gotten $5 per tow when she was on the HPU
      His Wife getting almost all of the NW redevelopment zone condos by Raia and URSA
      His TWO Sons getting cop Jobs
      Another a sweet commercial condo…
      His cousin Terry on the ZBA, Historic commission and Council

      Then from 2005-2009 When Dave Roberts had ” A council he could work with”
      We got John Corres stealing 800,000 in quarters.
      Michael Shaffer on the NHSA who later was Cammarano’s bag man
      Peter Cammarano as Council Prez
      and ultimately State takeover…

      If anything this Mayor needs a totally objective council. He gets 92% of his agenda through!

  7. Let’s hope that voters in the 5th ward value independence and give their votes to Crowell.Cohen will be a Bhalla puppet. Look at his stand on every issue. Cohen certainly takes his orders from Bhalla. Last thing we need is a Bhalla controlled Council.

  8. The very obvious split between Ramos.-DeFusco and Fisher Giatinno is becoming clearer despite their campaigns being run out of the same political public relations firm.

  9. Mary,

    Am I missing something about this mayor? You didn’t give any examples. From what I can tell, he is honest and thoughtful. Like a lot of the commenters on this website, I’m sure you have an agenda and some biases. I’d like to see what the mayor can do without the council always trying to make him look bad at every corner.

    • Mary O, is the same woman who has been advocating all over the place for the New York Waterways diesel fueling station on the Hoboken’s waterfront.

      If she is endorsing this guy that is a good enough reason to not vote for him.

      • I am proud to want NY Waterway on the waterfront. I have no problem with that at all. I was pleased they bought the land. They bought it fair and square and I respect private ownership. The city chose not to buy it. Is that NY Waterway’s fault? NY Waterway will give the city one third of the upland and make a park for us and it will not cost us a dime. We will have the ferries looking bright and white on a working waterfront. This is all very good. Also you must realize that my choice to want NY Waterway on the waterfront has nothing to do about the capabilities of Tim Crowell serving the 5th Ward.

    • 5th Ward Charles,
      Ravi betrayed the tenants in an incident some years ago by saying he would vote one way at the city council meeting when he was a councilmember and then changed his tune that night much to the shock of Cheryl and Dan and I who were in the audience. Because of this I do not trust him. He betrayed us and I do not tolerate betrayal by anyone. I am not pleased that he got into office with so very few votes and no run off. I do not like the way he has twisted words against NY Waterway to sway the public because he does not want them on the waterfront. I do not like the way he has treated some of the other councilmembers because they disagree with him or have a different opinion.

      I have no agenda. I am not a political person but I consider myself an honest, ethical person who only wants the best for our town of Hoboken. Do you pay attention to the city council meetings and read what is on the agenda or look at the resolution packs that are on the city’s websites? Do you even know what is going on in town? How do you know if our mayor is honest? Do you know him personally to say that? I do not know if he is a honest or dishonest man but that is not what this is about. I believe he has a personal agenda for his future like a lot of people in politics do, but I also believe because of an agenda that can influence his decisions. I have observed and read about how he feels toward some people who do not choose to agree with him. I personally have no beef with him since I have not had any personal dealings with him as I am just a citizen who speaks her mind because I am not a phony. I am also not a politician.

  10. Speaking up for Mary here, who is the only one posting under her own name by the way, including me. I might not always agree with her but I cannot fault her for standing up for her convictions. She has never hidden behind anonymous comments on blogs to attack anyone. She’d say whatever she has to say right to your face. I know this because she has had the balls to say what she has to say directly to me when I’ve disagreed with her.

    Luke: (or whoever you are) You must live in a black and white and childish world if you think Mary’s support is a reason to not vote for Tim, or, if Mary’s support for a ferry service is a reason to not vote for him.

    If the people that surround the mayor and the people that are running on his slate think it is just fine and dandy to make fun or or, worse, behave viciously towards people they may disagree with or even dislike, that would be a reason to not vote for them. Our elected officials need to represent everyone.

        • Tiff, the website where you publish all of your press releases has been cited internationally for racism. The proprietor is known for his preferences for conspiracy theories, Islamophobia and defamatory criminal accusations against anyone not aligned with you. Obviously it doesn’t bother you. So give it a rest.

    • Sorry not sorry.

      My opinion of Mary is that she is a narcissistic, toxic, paranoid, emotionally unstable individual who takes every opportunity to publicly lob vile insults and make unfounded allegations attacking others.

      • Luke,

        Really? Wow that is some description! Attack people? Vile? Paranoid? Toxic? I see that I have gotten under your skin enough that you attack me anonymously! I see I am getting my messages through to the public audience when I use my right as a public citizen to speak my mind at the city council meetings or when I write a letter to the newspaper. This still is a free country.

        Thank you very much for your analysis of me! I have very, very thick skin. I like being called ‘toxic’ though. That means I am getting others to listen to me and that is threatening to you and your cohorts.

  11. Wow all the negativity towards Tim,–the Bhalla Bots, Bhalla Bigots , Bile Blogger and TWO TIME Look it up
    Public Denunciation Nancy are losing their poop!

    Phil, control your animals