Hoboken 2nd Ward Councilwoman Fisher formally announces November re-election bid


Hoboken 2nd Ward Councilwoman Tiffanie Fisher formally announced her November re-election bid this afternoon, planning a formal kickoff event for mid-July.

By John Heinis/Hudson County View

“Four years ago, I decided to step out of my comfort zone and run for City Council because I believed my professional finance and real estate background would be valuable to address some of the biggest challenges Hoboken faces,” Fisher said in a statement.

“By working together, we have already been able to make a positive impact on Hoboken and our track record speaks for itself. We have kept Hoboken on a fiscally responsible path by cutting out wasteful spending, our water system is receiving much needed upgrades through thoughtful and financially beneficial negotiations and we are on our way to completing the award winning Rebuild By Design resiliency project.”

Also noting that she is seeking a second term in part to “continue the progress,” she further stated that July is the 25th anniversary of when she moved to Hoboken, as well as four years since decided to run for the 2nd Ward city council seat.

To celebrate these milestones, Fisher will officially kickoff her re-election bid at Madison Bar and Grill on July 15.

She will face at least one challenger this fall in Nora Martinez DeBenedetto, who is running on a five-person slate backed by Mayor Ravi Bhalla.

All six council members up for re-election in November are expected to defend their seats, but only Fisher, 1st Ward Councilman Mike DeFusco and 4th Ward Councilman Ruben Ramos have made it official thus far.

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  1. Fisher’s announcement raises the question as to whether all the other incumbents will run.

    Specifically, in the aftermath of the Pupie Raia conviction, and Peter’s Cunningham’s long close affiliation with him dating back to 2008, I wonder whether Peter will decide not to run for re-election in the 5th ward.

    Peter publicly supported Raia’s Freeholder run in 2008. Reportedly, he once shared an elevator with Pupie though video footage is unavailable.

    He also oddly voted for Pupie for NHSA over Kurt Gardiner in 2016, unlike Ravi Bhalla who voted for Kurt, explaining that he had already “promised” Frank his vote before Kurt applied. He did not share with the public what Raia promised him in exchange for his vote that was so important that his “promise” to Raia could not be broken, but many suspect it had something to do with Peter’s 2015 re-election campaign.

    I’m joking, of course. While Cunningham’s NHSA vote really was extraordinarily odd and raises legitimate questions about possible dumb and unnecessary 2015 deal making , Raia and he were political enemies not friends. Peter almost certainly never committed or benefited from voter fraud.

    Raia’s crimes benefited Peter’s opponents, not Peter.

    Only a complete doofus would try to connect Pupie and his crimes to Peter. But since the three Real Doofuses of Hoboken are obsessing on blowing smoke about Zimmer and Bhalla, I thought it would be fun to show what a doofus like attack on Cunningham would look like.

    • Side note:

      Cunningham actually didn’t publicly endorse Raia for freeholder in 2008. He publicly announced his “neutrality” while supporting Raia behind the scenes.

      But when crafting a doofus like arguments, adding a made up claim or two is pretty much mandatory.

      • I read the nj.com article that mentions bhalla and zimmer differently. https://www.nj.com/hudson/2019/06/developers-conviction-for-voter-fraud-raises-questions-of-vote-by-mail-ballots-in-hoboken.html

        I thought it said that politics are complicated in Hoboken and it isn’t as black and white as bad vote buyers on one side and reform on the other like Bhalla (and previously zimmer) wants you to believe. I know you are sensitive about the past affiliation that zimmer had with Raia, but the truth is Raia touched a LOT of people over the long stretch including many in reform (remember that mason was reform once too). For Bhalla to take a high road on this is hypocritical IMHO given his support for Raia in the past and his alignment with Russo which both russo and bhalla insiders have had loose lips about. Bhalla buys votes in his own way too by giving developers upzoning at the expense of Hoboken and then getting them to contribute to HPEF so he can have the “public school parents” vote. You are lucky that he still needs zimmers support so much otherwise the southwest would have been upzoned already. It will be interesting to see if this FBI investigation continues into the later elections and who it touches and if it effects the 2019 council races.

        • you are running with vote buyers. people who give money to mostly poor people in exchange for their votes. muddy the waters all you want with word salad and false equivalencies. it’s not fooling federal prosecutors.

          • Actually Nancy, Tiffanie Fisher is not running with Michael Russo or any vote buyers. (2015 – Russo’s hundreds plus army of paid VBM “workers” like Raia.)

            She’s running on her superb record.

          • Fisher appears to trying to give the appearance of distance between herself from the vote buyers DeFusco and Ramos for her Second Ward voters but actually breaking ties with them is something she is unwilling to do.

            They will decide if that kind of strategy will work in November.

          • Tiffanie is RUNNING with VOTE BUYERS. And PAY TO PLAYERS. Enjoy the Kickoff with your Dark Side friend, you pathetic SHILL. You are not worth a second more of my time. SELLOUT. Talk to yourself like you do on your DEAD BLOG.

          • No evidence fabricator Nancy is at it again. Ravi and Russo are recognized allies. Ravi Bhalla even brought the king of corruption, Anthony Russo back into the mayor’s office as the first order of business! Take down a curtain and wrap yourself up in it while beckoning to Russo with your best cross-eyed come hither look. The FBI is investigating Russo who said there’s no voter fraud. That’s the Ravi-Russo corruption in Hoboken!

          • Nancy thinks if she keeps attacking and talking to herself with her zillion screen names here, she’ll get something. She will get nothing but a worse reputation which is well-deserved! Keep kissing up to the Russo Clan and the Ravi-Russo corruption team! The FBI is all over the 2015 election so Ravi better find someone else for the 3rd ward pronto! The deal with Russo won’t work!

        • I completely understand why you, as an OG apologist, would want to re-write history in light of Mr. Raia’s conviction, but it really is pretty “black and white” as to which “side” Raia has plied his illicit VBM trade for since 2009. That’s not very “complicated” it’s pretty black and white, and pretending otherwise is not just disingenuous – it’s flat out dishonest.

          A simple Google search would have saved the young inexperienced NJ.com reporter from being conned. Perhaps next time he’ll be more skeptical of his “sources.”

          Since 2017, Hoboken politics have indeed gotten more complicated. I understand it’s inconvenient for those supposed “reformers” who chose to align themselves with Ramos and DeFusco the day after the 2017 election, to admit the ethical compromise they made out of childish peeve that day.

          Try as hard as you like to sell the “everyone was touched by Raia” myth, but everyone who has paid attention to Hoboken politics over the last decade, including the feds, know better.

          And, while barring more arrests the results of the 2019 Council races are unlikely to be affected, it is only one “side” that will be struggling to figure out how to recover their 700 lost Pupie votes with the feds watching in 2021.

          Ramos, Raia, DeFusco, Gonzalez, Belfiore, Russo, Romano and Garcia and their ilk are who they are. It is not complicated, and it’s not blurry.

          As Joe Biden said, sometimes you have to work with bad people to get things done.

          But please stop trying to blur the lines by lying about blurred lines. And please don’t claim to care about election fraud while pretending there’s no difference in how Bhalla and Zimmer on the one hand, and Ramos and DeFusco on the other, conducted their campaigns.

          • Frank “Pupie” Raia was on Team Michael DeFusco until last week.

            Ryan Yacco Raia’s VBM banker was on Team Michael Defusco until last week.

            DeFusco shamed into giving away the thousands he took from Raia last week because his patron became a convicted in Federal Court

            DeFusco was Team Raia

        • The Jersey Journal and HobokenHorse both reported the Raia-Ravi connection and the voter fraud history back to Dawn Zimmer’s early ties with Pupie. Who can be blamed for the truth coming out?

          • If any connection with Frank “Pupie” Raia was problematic in some way how much of a problem is the close long standing finical and political relationship between him and Michael DeFusco

            If others are to considered tainted by Raia a decade in the past how dirty should Michael DeFusco who kept that relationship and money until last week’s criminal convection be viewed ?

      • Why don’t you tell us about Nora and her ideas?
        Oh that’s right, she’s not Tiffany and you need to avenge the 3 remaing reformers who didn’t support your wife and Ravi’s secret plan to pass the torch when DAWN COULDN’t RUN for Mayor again… Yeah Yeah Paris accord… we believe that.
        Pretty SHAMeful to troll a candidate announcement with your crazy obsessions.

        Careful who you have lunch with in the future, the tab can reach $750,000

    • Only a scorned control freak would come on here and trash a candidate on an announcement like this.
      Dawn endorsed Fisher, about the 9th politician who Zimmer endorsed that she and her shadow now work against.
      So if Dawn is such a bad judge if character why should we listen to her now?
      Ravi’s puppet theater should be careful if Zimmer doesn’t like you later she’ll send out letters filled with lies like she did about Jen Giattino and bash you on the Psycho’s blog 24/7 like the paid operative does to Fisher and DeFusco
      Do They have such bad judgement that 70% of the candidates they supported don’t support Ravi?

    • Hey LindaStan – you forgot the most important thing, why you’re Reform wife put up no one at all for a major board position in Hoboken? Ravi Bhalla called Raia “an asset” to Hoboken. Did Dawn tell him to do that and get the votes for Raia. Ravi tried really hard. Saw him go to Raia in the hallway right before the vote in City Hall.

      Tell the truth LindaStan. What was the deal with Raia.

      Tiffanie Fisher fought against Ravi leading the vote with Jen Giattino to see an actual Reformer get the seat. She’s been terrific for Hoboken. She actually believes in living up to the good government creed and is against voter fraud too!

      • Hi Kurt. I’m glad your feeling better.

        In hopes of helping you find emotional peace, I am going to address your incorrect understanding of the circumstances surrounding your NHSA appointment.

        I know it’s hard for you to understand and accept, having repeated the false story generated by your fertile imagination so many times, but Dawn never involved herself in pure Council appointments like ZBA or NHSA or HHA. She put no one up for NHSA for the same reason she never put anyone up for ZBA – it was the council’s job, not hers, and she trusted them to make good choices. It would have been highly unusual for her to get involved in a council NHSA appointment and she did not.

        Your friends on the Council know this. And no, Dawn did not communicate to the Council through Ravi. When Dawn wanted their votes she spoke to each Councilmember individually and directly. Your friends on the Council know this as well.

        Are you actually saying that Ravi talking to Raia in the hallway of City Hall is evidence of some kind of nefarious deal? Seriously? Don’t you think if they were plotting something nefarious they’d find somewhere more private?

        I don’t know what conversations any Councilmember had with Raia about NHSA including Ravi in the Council hallway or anywhere else, and I don’t know what conversations councilmembers had with each other, but I do know that Cunningham is the only Councilmember who voted for Raia (or more accurately accirding to HCV – against you). Even Mello voted for you – and according to HCV’s reporting, he’s the guy who nominated Raia.

        If anyone cut a deal, it would have been Peter. Yet somehow Peter’s odd vote seems never to have troubled you.

        It’s pretty easy to imagine what a Cunningham Raia “deal” might have looked like. Peter was extremely nervous about paid votes deciding his 2015 election, though in hindsight he needn’t have been. He could have agreed to support Pupie for the NHSA seat opening up right after the election, in exchange for Raia staying out of the 5th ward race. That would explain why Caliccio was freelancing without Raia’s involvement in the 5th ward in 2015 – something we now know for a fact thanks to the feds.

        I have no idea whether that deal was struck, but at least it has the virtue of fitting the facts and making sense.

        Ask yourself what kind of “deal” with Ravi or Dawn fits the actual facts and makes any sense. I sure can’t think of one. And please don’t say it was payback for Raia running in 2013 – you’d have to be genuinely stupid to believe that Raia would run for office spending over $200,000 of his own money and commit election fraud in exchange for a promise of a NHSA seat two years later. And please don’t say in exchange for Raia’s help in 2017. Nobody in their right mind would expect Raia to live up to that kind of deal, even if they were ethically challenged enough to consider it. Some of your friends may genuinely be dumb enough to believe that kind of nonsense, but I’m confident you are not.

        Take a deep breath and try to separate in your mind actual facts from the stuff you and your friends Tony and Roman made up to fill in the blanks on your theory.

        If it somehow makes you feel better to believe nonsense then so be it – believe whatever makes you happiest. Prattle on about shadows to your hearts content. I genuinely wish you well, hope you have a full recovery, and I won’t trouble you with the truth again.

        • Sorry, Stan, that ain’t Kurt. Just tell us the Dawn-Raia deals and stop killing internet pixels. Or watch Ravi Bhalla go down in flames with Raia. You guys are AWESOME!

        • Ravi’s deal was moving Assadourian into Raia’s seat for five years and then putting Raia into Brian’s remaining two year term so that Raia would want their support to be re-appointed the February after the mayoral election. Giattino and Fisher were furious about the gymnastics and couldn’t get behind supporting Raia and Cunningham had committed to Raia before Others were considered. Ravi told people that Raia had to be reappointed. At the time I don’t think but who knows now looking back that zimmer wasn’t running so she must have been behind it.

    • Wait, so Ravi Bhalla didn’t say like yesterday Raia is an asset to Hoboken?
      Is HCV lying LindaStan? HCV and Hoboken 🐴 publish the truth. I have to go with them over you.

        • Why would they run as a slate? These are ward elections and the wards have different constituents. Only the mayor puts up a slate to provide name recognition and fundraising especially if their candidates have no experience. There wasn’t an opposing slate to team zimmer in 2015. Bhalla probably doesn’t want the opposition to run as a slate because if the incumbents all won then the “Defusco slate” victory would ensure Defusco as mayor in 2021.

          • Emphasizing a connection with the increasingly toxic DeFusco and or Ramos for Fisher would actually lose her votes in the Second Ward. While she has had to make deals with those devils, compromised her integrity by remaining mute to get the needed votes to fully embrace them as part of a ticket would be taking on their dirty laundry.

            Does that make her a bad candidate or even a bad person ? The voters will make their decision in November.

    • Well if Nancy writes a lie here, we have to believe it because she really enjoys lying and wants us to believe her lies, no matter how stupid. DeFusco announced already as was his choice as an individual candidate.

  2. I want a post-Raia Hoboken. A Hoboken where consenting adults can buy and sell votes without fear of being duped by Frank Raia. Because he was the only bad person doing it. My council majority has proven that we can enjoy a vibrant for-profit democracy. A democracy where the right candidates get elected while the little guy gets 50 bucks for his trouble. Everybody wins!

    Inform (voters where to go to get paid off by my council colleagues)
    Engage (in non-stop denial and changing the subject whenever vote-buying comes up)
    Advocate (empty platitudes to mollify anyone who’s starting to get suspicious)

  3. Disgusting Nancy posts private RSVP’s of her former friends like Deidre and Irene! Can’t believe she would go after two of the nicest humans on earth. Nancy you are scummy as they come.
    You make Perry look like Mother Teresa!

    • She’s a follower and walked right into the sewer for Ravi.
      Ravi is cRooked. She defends the cRooked second job, stealing of his employee’s money, the disgusting actions in the mayor’s office. Just another paid puppet.

      Thank heaven for the good folks on the council like Tiffanie Fisher, Jen Giattino and Peter Cunningham, real trustworthy leaders for Hoboken.

    • Facebook is private? What a NUTTER you are ROMAN. 🥜🥜🥜🥜🥜🥜 Go f*ck YOURSELF! You will go down with those VBM kings you knock boots with in the sack!

        • Get a real man’s job, Roman. Leave the scooter juicing for the high school kids.

          What a coward. You don’t have the balls to say all the crap you write here to my face. I gave you the finger at the Hilton press conference and you just stood there like sissy. Big man behind the keyboard. A sissy in the e dimensional world. No balls, a sissy with a high school kid’s job, who plays on internet message boards all day. Not sure there’s a cure for what ails you. Maybe a lobotomy.

          • Just want to factually offer the e-Scooters are motorized vehicles and only adults are authorized for them. People should know accounts will be terminated for that violation.

            I’ll leave it at that as I see there is a very unhinged woman tormenting this website. Please don’t jeopardize an asset for Hoboken by listening to anyone who says the e-Scooters allow anyone but adults touching them. Thank you.

          • Nancy has been a living train wreck for years. Nobody who throws so many daggers at her past friends over politics can be that stable!

          • “we” know it’s you. Your crappy writing is a tell. “we” want to “factually offer” that juicing LIME scooters is for teenagers to supplement mom and dad’s allowance. It’s a shame what a mess you made of your patroness’announcement. Get help, you Nutter! 🥜🥜🥜🥜🥜🥜🥜


        • What’s the over/under Nancy’s dumb challenge? Hoboken Horse will stampede her. SPLAT! Who would be afraid of Nancy? Shoot, Horse took on death threats, physical assaults, phony legal attacks, verbal threats and the entire OG on and off the council. Anyone stupid enough to bet he wouldn’t show up to rip Nancy a new one, I’ll take whatever wager put up. Let HCV collect it. I want to know how much Nancy will put up because she won’t do jack and everyone knows it.

          • Roman folded like a lawn chair when Nancy gave him the finger. I saw it! He stood there blinking like a dumb horse caught in the head lights. What a sissy!

  4. Paying for good spin. Fisher has made a public appeal to fund Roman Brice’s failing political commentary blog and that blog always tries spin everything in a Fisher positive way or simply doesn’t even mention any negative about her. The hundreds of anti-mayor Bhalla and even blatantly racist posts both on his site and what many believe he and his handful of followers generate on this site are geared at helping Fisher.

    The reality is that these highly slanted often scurrilous attacks on Fisher’s opponents and her failure to address the problem undermines every position she takes makes many voters now equate her own ethics with that of her preferred blogger.