Hoboken 1st Ward council candidate Paul Presinzano rolls out rat control platform


Hoboken 1st Ward council candidate Paul Presinzano is rolling out his rat control platform, citing public education, waste management, and pest control measures.

By John Heinis/Hudson County View

“We have been working together on our block to fix the problem, and it’s working. The problem is not solved house by house but block by block,” Presinzano said in a statement.

“I have taken the time to listen to ideas from professionals and done my research to understand rats and then build an attack plan to rid the city of rats.”

In terms of strengthening public education and awareness, Presinzano suggests using brochures, workshops, and social media in hopes of teaching residents about proper waste disposal, the risks related to rat infestations, and how they can be part of the solution.

“We can also collaborate with local schools to integrate rat control and sanitation practices as part of the public awareness campaign, fostering a culture of responsible waste management among our future generations,” he added.

Specifically on the point of waste removal, the downtown council hopeful suggest having the Hoboken Department of Environmental Services to implement stricter garbage disposal protocols.

Via city ordinance, Presinzano is calling for city-issued, rat-proof garage cans to be distributed to residents and business owners at a reduced cost.

Last night, the city council approved a measure allowing the city to provide notice to any property owner in writing that rodent baiting/pest control services are required within seven business days, instead of 14.

The council is also expected to address garbage receptacles at another special meeting tentatively scheduled for August 3rd at 5 p.m.

Nonetheless, Presinzano says the city has erred in not yet having a comprehensive plan ready.

“We have yet to see a detailed plan put forth by the City, and the problem is only getting worse; putting band-aids on the problem doesn’t fix it. Let’s work together to make Hoboken better,” he added.

Finally, while the council has already approved contracts for pest control services, Presinzano says a competitive bidding process could help utilize services from the most qualified vendors.

“The selected pest control contractors will work closely with the City of Hoboken to devise a comprehensive rat eradication plan. This plan will involve regular inspections, strategic placement of traps and baits, and the utilization of environmentally friendly pest control methods to ensure the safety of both residents and non-target wildlife, especially our pets,” he continued.

“By leveraging the expertise of pest control professionals through a competitive bidding process, we will optimize the use of resources and achieve significant progress in eliminating the rat infestation in Hoboken.”

The non-partisan Hoboken ward council races are on November 7th, and for the moment, Presinzano is in a head-to-head contest with Rafi Cordova, the head of the city’s rent leveling and stabilization board who is running on a slate backed by Mayor Ravi Bhalla.

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  1. Out of the box thinking; community primary not what the mayor’s office dictates.
    That’s how you get problems solved.

    Paul Presinzano for the First Ward.

    Apparently Hoboken residents don’t like rats swarming the city and this basic quality of life issue has become the hot button issue for the next election.
    Even the habitually silent on any and all problems until they absolutely have to address them the Bhalla Administration has finally recognized that the time is now and has issued an email. Thank goodness.
    Elections help remind those in public office that they are there at the will of the voters and can and should be replaced if they ignore what is important to them.
    Thanks also to Councilwoman Fisher for her efforts to help mitigate the rodent problem in her Ward