‘High School Nation’ makes tour stop at High Tech High School in Secaucus


“High School Nation,” a touring company dedicated to introducing youth to opportunities in music, arts and media, paid a visit to High Tech High School in Secaucus, where they also hosted a carnival and music festival.

As part of the program, students sat in on a presentation about the negative effects of vaping and participated in a question and answer session about performing, broadcasting and producing music. The carnival took place afterwards.

“HCST fosters collaborative learning experiences for our community. We are fortunate to welcome ‘High School Nation’ who partnered with ‘Truth’ to provide our students with this unique educational opportunity – addressing the harmful effects of vaping while highlighting The Arts to actively interact with their peers,” Superintendent Amy Lin-Rodriguez said in a statement.

High Tech Supervisor of the Arts Academy Steven Ricciardi was essential in bringing the program to the Secaucus-based school.

“Arts play a critical role in the healthy development of adolescents, and Hudson County School of Technology’s wide array of programs help each student find his or her niche, and provide a healthy foundation of appreciation the arts,” he added.

The Instagram video posted on the High School Nation page (embedded above) is proving to be quite popular, amassing over 10,000 views in less than a day.

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