WWE Hall of Famer Greg ‘The Hammer’ Valentine appears at North Bergen wrestling show


At 66 years old, WWE Hall of Famer Greg “The Hammer” Valentine made an appearance at the North Bergen Recreation Center last night for a tag team match under the ECPW banner. 


“I have no problem coming to your house and punching your grandmother in the mouth!,” Andrew Anderson, Valentine’s tag team partner, said to the DJ who was on the wrong end of a heel promo after playing the wrong entrance music.

“Shut up! Go sit in your seat you little snot-nosed punk! Here we are Greg, a WWE Hall of Famer, comes to the armpit of Hudson County! The dirty, stinky, fifthly landfill of North Bergen!”

One of the top heels, or “bad guys” in the promotion, Anderson carried most of the 10-minute matchup against Gina Caruso and Conor Reilly: scoring the pin fall after a samoan drop.

However, that didn’t stop the crowd from giving The Hammer a standing ovation every time he tagged into the match, lighting up his opponents with punches, chops and elbows to the delight of the 100 fans or so on hand.

During the intermission of the show, Hudson County View caught up with Valentine and asked what brought the former WWE tag team champ to North Bergen.

“These are fundraisers for these high schools and colleges and stuff and they bring out wrestling: and of course it’s for all the young children, the young fans and the old people – I shouldn’t say old people – the senior citizens: everybody likes professional wrestling.”

Inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame back in 2004 alongside wrestling legends such as “Superstar” Billy Graham, Jesse “The Body” Ventura, Big John Studd and Sgt. Slaughter, Valentine, whose real name is Anthony Wisniski, also told us he has several projects in the works.

“I’m out on the circuit doing Comic-Cons, I just finished a movie called ‘350 Days’ about the life of a professional wrestler on the road: I’m doing movies, commercials, I live out in Las Vegas so I can hit that scene – just a lot of personal appearances,” he explained.

“But I still love getting in the ring, especially if it’s to help fund money for schools, little leagues and you name it.”

The event was free of charge for North Bergen residents and included around three hours of acting inside the ring.

The tag team matchup featuring Valentine and Anderson, which streamed live on our Facebook page, can be viewed below:

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