‘Future of North Hudson’ lays out suggestions for regional COVID-19 recovery plan


With the input from over two dozen business owners and community leaders, the “Future of North Hudson” is laying out their suggestions for a regional COVID-19 recovery plan.

Instagram photo.

By John Heinis/Hudson County View

“North Hudson families and residents have taken a major hit over the past few months. We have lost countless neighbors and family members to COVID-19. Thousands of us have lost unemployment or had to shut down businesses, with no light at the end of the tunnel as to how we will ever financially recover,” said group founder Adil Ahmed.

“As we plan for life post-COVID-19, we shouldn’t strive to return to business as usual. We will be entering an entirely new world, and in this world, we should prioritize responsible and equitable community development and stronger health and safety measures of our residents – and for the workers who live and work here.”

Specifically, the group is suggesting expanding coronavirus testing for West New York, North Bergen, and Guttenberg residents, with two testing sites already available for Weehawken and Union City residents.

They also suggest purchasing hand sanitizer, soap, masks, and gloves in bulk to distribute to anyone in need, along with providing housing and virus testing for homeless populations.

The group is also advocating for opening up municipal parks for dog walking and displaying art work, with town employees present to enforce social distancing, as well as for regular warehouse and factory inspections.

Finally, they’d also like to see data sharing among the five municipalities in North Hudson, to better prepare residents for when they can leave their homes on a consistent basis again.

“Our towns and micro-economies blend into one another, so understanding the region as a whole will provide residents with better information on which they can make decisions and plan for their families.”

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