Fundraising effort underway for abandoned Jersey City dog who needed surgery to save leg


A fundraising effort is underway for a dog that was abandoned outside of the Liberty Humane Society in Jersey City and needed emergency surgery to save one of his legs.

Dobby was abandoned last week and needed emergency surgery to save his back left leg. Facebook photo.

By John Heinis/Hudson County View

LHS fundraiser started a fundraiser on Facebook last week after the dog, Dobby, was found with a case on his back left leg, which had become infected, and missing a foot, the post says.

After a week of veterinary care, Dobby received surgery today and managed to avoid amputation despite the severe injuries he sustained.

“Thank you everyone who donated to make it possible for him to receive specialized care. We are so grateful for your support of what will be an extended recovery,” reads an update on Facebook.

“Dobby will be in foster care following his discharge and we look forward to sharing update photos with you as he heals!”

Since last week, the effort has come close to reaching their $5,000 goal, with $4,448 raised via donations from 129 people as of 5:50 p.m. this evening.

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