Fulop, Lavarro tout new blood in Wards C and D over ‘obstructionists’


Jersey City Mayor Steven Fulop and Council President Rolando Lavarro were among several local officials touting new blood in Wards C and D, as opposed to the “obstructionists” that are currently in office, during a fundraiser last night.


“I can say about my ward candidates here, between Mo and John, that – I won’t say anything disparaging about the other folks who are running on that – but I will say is that we need partners on that council that will work together with us, collaboratively, who won’t be obstructionists just for the sake of being obstructionists,” Lavarro stated.

“But folks that will have their own mind, they’ll vote however they vote and they’ll be thoughtful about it and I know that in Mo and John we’ve got those candidates here on Team Fulop.”

John Hanussak and Mo Kinberg are opposing Fulop’s two chief opponents on the council: Ward C’s Rich Boggiano and Ward D’s Michael Yun.

Nevertheless, they have been running grassroots campaigns and have tried to capitalize on opportunities to work together, such as last night’s fundraiser at Lo Fidelity where about 100 supports passed by throughout the evening.

Fulop echoed Lavarro’s sentiment, also questioning what impactful legislation the two anti-administration incumbents had passed over the past four years.

“If your neighbors say to you ‘Hey, I’m thinking about Michael Yun’ or ‘Hey, I’m thinking about Rich Boggiano’ you need to explain to them what Rolando said: that we don’t need people that are going to vote with us all the time, but we also don’t need people who are going to disagree with us all the time,” Fulop explained.

“We need fair, reasonable, responsible people that have a track record in progress … You’d be hard pressed to point to any significant progress that they pushed forward, that they pushed forward themselves without Rolando or myself sponsoring it for their individual wards.”

During their public remarks, Kinberg said her motivation to keep the Jersey City Heights the best neighborhood it can be is her 14-month-old daughter, while Hanussak boldly proclaimed that he plans on beating Boggiano without a runoff election.

Other dignitaries in attendance included Jersey City Board of Education President/Democratic Freeholder nominee (D-4) Joel Torres and Board of Education candidate Yousef Saleh.

Reached over the phone this afternoon, Yun was furious when told about the criticisms that were lobbed in his direction last night.

“Give me plans we obstructed, tell me which one. The mayor is mad at me and Rich Boggiano because we are not part of the rubber stamp. Tell me which issue we obstructed,” Yun said over phone.

“We fight for the people of Jersey City and the future of Jersey City. Me and Councilman Boggiano vote on an issue to issue basis, this city government has no checks and balances due to council members that vote in favor of the mayor 100 percent of the time.”

Yun also said he stood by no votes on pivotal issues such as the funding of the City Hall annex, since it would’ve left taxpayers on the hook for an additional $60 million, and the $280 million SciTech Scity project since he felt the city was not receiving enough of a benefit to justify it.

Boggiano did not immediately return a call seeking comment.

The Jersey City municipal elections are on November 7th.

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  1. Boggiano will win this in a runoff. With 4 candidates there’s no way it doesn’t go to a runoff, and anyone suggesting otherwise just shows how inexperienced they are.