Fulop Administration cites Spectra gas pipeline as reasoning for ‘Garbage for Greenville’ deal


The Jersey City Council, on a 5-2 vote, with Councilmen Boggiano and Yun voting No, Councilwoman Watterman abstaining, and Greenville Councilman Gajewski not present, approved Mayor Fulop’s “Garbage for Greenville” deal.

“Garbage for Greenville,” a ransacked deal without any meaningful public input, would place a waste transfer facility in the Greenville section in exchange for a park in the Heights.

Councilman Boggiano, who represents the ward receiving the park, ripped the deal on behalf of Greenville residents who will suffer.

Corporation Counsel Jeremy Farrell, representing the Fulop Administration, cited opposition to the Spectra gas pipeline as being a mistake, with Councilwoman Coleman, who voted Yes vote to the “Garbage for Greenville” deal, in agreement.

Finally, Council President Rolando Lavarro, while explaining his Yes vote for the deal, also said opposition to the Spectra gas pipeline was a mistake, admitted that the deal looked shady, but not before a Greenville resident interrupted him with an emotional plea.

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  1. Greenville was sold out and again Fulop lied. He told residents in an email that all their questions would be answered at this meeting. They were not. Once again his puppets on the council did exactly what they were told. Everyone in Jersey City should let their friends throughout New Jersey know what the person who wants to be the next governor cannot be trusted to do what he promised.

  2. Summing this up as a trade of a garbage site for a park is such a mischaracterization as to be ridiculous. I actually lean towards being against this deal, but it would help if the View would actually publish a researched piece in what is or isn't in the deal and how it was reached, instead of a foure-sentences long slam piece. Anyone who considers this blurb to be a news story is out of their minds.

    • The View will be publishing a follow-up about the actual deal, but this video was about the “stinky” way it went through. The absolute lack of meaningful public input or benefit to the host community, which is Greenville, is despicable to say the least. The fact that Councilmen Boggiano and Yun voted No to a deal that would benefit their wards speaks volumes about the way the deal was done.

      The thing I find most interesting, Mr. Norman, is that no one has commented on the Fulop Administration, Councilwoman Coleman, and Council President Lavarro agreeing that the failed opposition to the Spectra gas pipeline is one of the reasons for signing off on the “Garbage for Greenville” deal. Care to comment? Or is everything that was recorded in the video not meaningful?

      • Plenty in the video was meaningful, and I do not accept the tie-ing of this to the failed attempt to stop the pipeline. That said, if two guys with a web site are going to purport to be a news source they need to hold themselves to a higher standard than just posting a video with five sentences of very angry commentary. For example, entirely missing from this story is perhaps the biggest question worth asking – why was the Councilperson for the very ward that has a right to make an argument that the 10,000,000 should go to it absent?

        As for Yun, what may seem “heroic” behavior by the not-really-from-here councilman in light of “his” ward, the reality is that he has done zero to try to find any other source of funding for work on the Reservoir, which was a key campaign promise of his to those who gave him that seat.

      • David – I don’t write the entire article out because I want people to watch the video. It’s certainly a valid criticism which is larger than this article, and to be honest I wouldn’t write anything out if I knew Google would pick up the article just on the video, but the issue of Councilman Gajewski not being present was made during the video multiple times.